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Learn to use your power tools safely and learn tricks to get better results.

  1. Chain Saw Safety

    A chain saw is one of the most versatile tools you can own, but it cuts both wood and flesh equally well. Before you cut up a fallen tree, learn how to use this powerful tool safely.

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  1. How to Use an Angle Grinder


    Learn to use an angle grinder to cut tile, mortar and pavers; make quick work of rust and loose paint removal; sharpen blades and cut or grind steel.

  2. How to Use a Power Planer


    This article shows you how to get the most out of your power planer. Use it for leveling joists, making stubborn doors close easily and for building projects in your workshop. We'll demonstrate time-tested tips and techniques for using this important tool.

  3. Everything You Should Know About Belt Sanders


    Tips to use your belt sander more effectively and more safely, as well as how to buy a belt sander and what belts work best. It’s a great labor-saving tool.

  4. Chainsaw Reviews


    In the market for a chain saw? Our staff expert shows you the most useful features on chain saws and then tests the performance of 7 popular models. He includes such features as starting ease, chain choice, chain tensioners, fuel and oil systems and more. Be sure to read the results of his chain ...

  5. Building a Drum Sander Table


    Improvise a low-cost drum sander using your drill press and a custom sanding table with dust collection. Build it in an hour from scrap wood.

  6. Cordless Tools Buyers Guide


    Learn how to get your money’s worth from your next cordless tool purchase in this buyer’s guide. Veteran pros and our field editors share their secrets for best battery choices, favorite features and how to maximize cordless tool performance and make them last longer.

  7. Oscillating Tool Uses


    An oscillating tool (multi-tool) has many practical uses. Our Field Editors show you eight ways it solves problems easier and faster than other techniques, including removing grout, cutting pipes and stubborn bolts, cutting hidden nails and scraping up gunk.

  8. Benefits of a Track Saw


    Track saws make long, precise cuts faster and better than table saws and circular saws. They are light and portable, don't need clamps and set up quickly and accurately.

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