Learn tips and techniques to use your drill like a pro.

  1. Drilling into Concrete Tools: Rotary Hammers and Hammer Drills

    Learn how to drill into concrete faster. With a good hammer drill and concrete drill bits, making holes in concrete is almost as easy as drilling in wood.

Other Projects for DIYers from The Family Handyman:

  1. Rebuild a Cordless Tool Battery


    Cordless tool batteries eventually fail, but replacement batteries can be amazingly expensive. To save money, consider rebuilding the battery pack.

  2. How to Drill a Hole in Glass


    Drilling holes in hard stuff takes talent. Use the wrong technique or tools and you'll waste time, bits, materials and energy. Fortunately, talent can be acquired. Follow these tips and glass, metal, ceramic tile and masonry will feel like balsa wood to your drill.

  3. 5 Must-Have Drill Attachments


    Make your drill do more than drill holes. These five drill attachments are problem solvers and timesavers. Plus, they will work with cordless or corded drills.

  4. How to Install a Keyless Drill Chuck


    If you lost the chuck key after all these years, or just can't bear to throw away a good drill, keyless chucks are still available for most drills, and replacement is simple.

  5. How to Choose Twist Drill Bits


    Confused about drill bits? So were we. So we tested high speed steel, black oxide, cobalt and titanium bits in wood and metal, and here's what we found out.

  6. The Best Drill Press Jigs


    Make a simple adjustable fence and a right angle drilling jig to make your drill press work quicker and more accurately. Store them nearby so they're handy when you need them.

  7. Drills: When to Use a Rotary Drill


    Hammer drills are great for smaller jobs, but for thicker walls or bigger holes, you need to step up to a rotary hammer drill. With more power and a 3/4-in. chuck, you’ll chew through thick concrete in no time.

  8. How to Build a Drill Press Table


    Build this deluxe drill press table to simplify clamping woodworking projects and holding them steady while drilling. Or build a simplified version of the same thing. Either way you’ll improve your drill press results.

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