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Automotive Tools

Learn about automotive tools that will make your vehicle repairs easier.

  1. Best Socket Set

    Our staff expert tests and compares 5 socket sets from top manufacturers. Here are the results of his review and a run-down of the features he likes best.

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  1. 6 Point Sockets vs. 12 Point Sockets


    Are 12-point sockets as good as six-point sockets? Find out the answer—and why—before you buy that expensive set of socket wrenches at the auto supply store.

  2. How to Use a Torque Wrench


    Buy and use a torque wrench to prevent common over-tightening problems and avoid expensive fixes later.

  3. Repair Damaged Nuts and Bolts


    A rethreading kit is an important part of any automotive toolbox. Use it to restore stripped threads on old, rusty nuts and bolts when you don't have time to search the stores for a replacement.

  4. Using a Vehicle Diagnostic Code Reader


    Diagnose car problems without going to a mechanic with an auto code reader. Simply plug it into the car's computer system, then interpret the trouble code readout.

  5. Retire Your Old Automotive Test Light


    Invest in a computer-safe test light and retire the old incandescent test light. The old one can damage sensitive electronics in your car.

  6. Car Accessories: DC/AC Inverter


    Charging a laptop or other electronic device on a car cigarette lighter works differently than charging from an outlet. Here's what you need to know.

  7. Ratchet Rebuild


    Don't throw away a good ratchet wrench that suddenly jams or won't change directions. Take it apart and grease it, and if that doesn't work, rebuild it with an inexpensive kit.

  8. Diagnose Car Problems With a Stethoscope


    Diagnosing many car problems is easier with an automotive stethoscope, a tool that lets you hear inside the engine. Here's an introduction to using one to track down trouble.

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