Get tips and techniques to help you use and take care of your tools for all your DIY projects.

  1. How to Drill a Hole in Glass

    Drilling holes in hard stuff takes talent. Use the wrong technique or tools and you'll waste time, bits, materials and energy. Fortunately, talent can be acquired. Follow these tips and glass, metal, ceramic tile and masonry will feel like balsa wood to your drill.

Other Projects for DIYers from The Family Handyman:

  1. Table Saw Tips and Techniques


    Get better performance from your bench top or stationary table saw. With these jigs and accessories you can make safer, more accurate rips, crosscuts, dados, rabbets cuts and more.

  2. Router Table Plans


    Once you mount your router in a router table, you might never remove it. Use these plans to build this router table and change your woodworking world.

  3. How to Use a Laser Level


    Do you think that laser levels are a bit of a gimmick? Try one and we bet you will be reaching for one more and more often for all kinds of carpentry tasks. Here are a few tips to help you get started using laser levels.

  4. Build a Table Saw Sled


    Build these simple table saw sleds and make perfectly square cross cuts and flawless 45-degree miter cuts in both small and wide boards. You only need a 4x4 sheet of 1/2- or 3/4-in. plywood, particle board or MDF, some glue and a few hours time.

  5. Best Air Tools


    Use your air compressor for more than just filling your tires, blowing off your workbench or running your pneumatic nailer. Here are 12 of our favorite pneumatic tools. Save time—and your muscles—by letting compressed air do the work. You’ll get more jobs done faster—and better—by expanding your ...

  6. Chicago Electric 69684 Mitersaw Review


    Need a miter saw? Don’t want to spend a lot of money? Check out this Chicago Electric 69684 miter saw. It has a surprisingly good features-to-dollars ratio.

  7. How to Sharpen a Chain Saw


    Is your dull chain saw blade burning and bucking its way through the wood? It's a slow way to cut. It's also a dangerous way to cut. Here's how to sharpen your chain saw blade and cut more quickly—and avoid messy chain saw accidents.

  8. Wood Router Reviews


    If you’re in the market for a new router, you’re in luck. Selection, prices, features—and the routers themselves—are better than ever. But having a wider selection and variety of features also makes choosing a router more complicated than it used to be. And that’s the reason for this article.

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