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Tile Installation

Learn tips and techniques to get better results on your next tile installation project.

  1. Selecting a Tile Backer Board

    Tile needs to be installed on a backer board to keep the assembly stiff, otherwise the assembly will flex at the grout joints, allowing water to seep behind the tile and rot the substructure. Here's how to choose the best tile backer board for your project.

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  1. How to Cut a Hole in Tile


    Splicing ceramic tile around pipes and plumbing fixtures looks tacky. Cutting holes in tile makes the job look more professional. Here's how to do it.

  2. Modern Tile Installation Tips


    Wondering what's new in tile installation? A tile expert shares his tips for dealing with porcelain, glass and other modern tiles and materials.

  3. How to Install Marble Tile Floor: A Tumbled Stone Entryway


    A tumbled marble medallion adds a distinctive tile feature to any room. The medallion is preassembled, so it's easy to install and makes a tile floor that's durable and beautiful. This story shows tiling an entryway, but you can use the same techniques in a bathroom or kitchen with equally dramatic results.

  4. Entryway Floor Tile Installation


    Slide floor tile under door casings for the cleanest appearance. Cutting the casing bottom is easy with a handsaw.

  5. Tile Installation: How to Tile Over Existing Tile


    You can lay new ceramic tile right over the old, using the prep techniques we show here. It avoids the time-consuming, messy tear-out process.

  6. Tile Installation Tips From a Tile Expert


    Take your tiling skills to the next level. Learn pro tricks for dealing with complicated diagonal layouts, extra-large tiles, uneven walls, dried mortar cleanup and other tiling problems.

  7. Tile Installation: Backer Board Around a Bathtub


    Does tile backer board lap over the bathtub lip, or sit on top of it? It’s a question that’s puzzled first-time bathroom remodelers for years. This article explains the correct method.

  8. Tips for Installing Tile


    Installing tile in a kitchen or bathroom is hard work. This collection of tips may not eliminate all your tile troubles, but it will help you avoid the most common headaches.

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