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DIY Home Improvement

Learn about tools and products to help you on your DIY home imrovement projects and repairs.

  1. How to Fix a Sinking Driveway

    This article shows you what to do when your driveway starts to sink and pull away from your garage floor. The fix is easier than you might think, and you can do it yourself.

Other Projects for DIYers from The Family Handyman:

  1. Home Improvement Tips


    Tackling a remodeling project? Need some remodeling advice? Follow these tips for painless home improvement jobs.

  2. 10-Minute Home Repairs


    Water leaks? Wobbly chairs? Peeling wallpaper? It seems harder than ever to find the time to take care of the ordinary repairs every home needs. You're certainly not going to hire someone else to do them—that's not how we “handy” folks roll. Here are some common repairs that won't break your ...

  3. Whitewashing Stucco


    Do your stucco walls look dingy because they're stained and discolored, especially around gutter downspouts? Here's how to freshen things up by applying a coat of whitewash.

  4. Handy Home Products for Quick-Fix Repairs


    Sometimes the key to making a fix is just knowing the right product to use. We asked our team of professional carpenters, plumbers, painters, electricians and fix-it gurus what their favorite products were, and this is what they told us they never leave home without.

  5. Home Care Myths Busted!


    Learn the truth about such common problems as mold, mice, ducts, stucco cracks, electrical connections, galvanic corrosion, setback thermostats and lawn watering. You may be surprised by what our experts say about common myths and misconceptions.

  6. Using Dry Lubricants


    Dry lubricants have a lot to offer the homeowner. Most lubricants leave an oily film that attracts dust. Dry lubricants can keep your doors, drawers, windows and locks running smooth with no residual mess. Check out this article for three common types of dry lubricants and their uses.

  7. DIY Problem Solvers and Household Tips


    These 18 special products make home improvement easier and faster—from lightweight tile backer board to epoxy adhesives to handy wall anchors.

  8. 8 Great DIY Home Improvement Rules


    With so much DIY expertise and experience here at The Family Handyman, our editors decided to write down their top tips for how to get the best results from your home improvement projects. From plumbing to drywall, our editors weigh in with their favorite hints for DIYers.

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