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Air Conditioner Repair

Before calling a repair service try these air conditioner repairs.

  1. DIY Air Conditioner Repair

    Our experts shows you easy DIY solutions for the most common central air conditioning repairs. You'll be up and running sooner and will save the expense of a service call.

Other Projects for DIYers from The Family Handyman:

  1. Cleaning Air Conditioners in the Spring


    Few routine chores will pay off more handsomely, both in comfort and in dollars saved, than a simple air-conditioner cleaning. The payoff: Summertime comfort and lower cooling bills. You'll also prolong the life of your air conditioner.

  2. Fix a Sinking Air Conditioner Pad


    Air conditioner compressors and heat exchanger pumps sitting on concrete pads may settle and tip over time, putting strain on coolant lines. One of these fixes can correct the problem.

  3. Water Around Furnace Means Clogged Condensate Drain


    If you notice water around the furnace, the condensate drain may be clogged with slime. Fix the problem with chemical tablets and a larger drain hose.

  4. Air Conditioner Repair: Replace Rotted Insulation


    Rotting insulation on your outdoor A/C lines can cost you energy. The fix is simple. We show you how to do it and tell you where to get the special insulating foam.

  5. Tips for Fixing Noisy Air Conditioners


    The problem of a noisy central air conditioner condenser can be solved in several possible ways, but if the unit is too old it may just need to be replaced.

  6. Covering Your Air Conditioner Condenser Unit


    Cover your air conditioner condenser with plywood for the winter. If you wrap it with plastic, it'll rust.

  7. Clean Your Air Conditioner Condenser Unit


    Annual central air conditioner maintenance saves you money by increasing its efficiency and preventing breakdowns. You can complete the chore in an hour.

  8. How to Clean a Room Air Conditioner


    Air conditioners work more efficiently when the evaporator and condenser coils or cooling fins are clean and the fins are straight. Save money and keep your house cooler by doing the job yourself.

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