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Fluorescent Light

Replace your fluorescent light ballasts and bulbs, and learn to install new fixtures.

  1. How to Find the Correct Motion-Activated Switch for Fluorescent Lights

    Use special motion-activated switches rated for electronic (rather than magnetic) ballasts in most new fluorescent lights. Check the ballast in your light fixture and read the fine print on the switch packaging to make sure you buy the right switch.

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  1. How to Replace a Fluorescent Light Ballast


    Replace the ballast when your fluorescent light flickers or makes an annoying hum. The repair will only take about 10 minutes.

  2. How to Replace a Fluorescent Light Bulb


    When fluorescent bulbs go bad, there may be a problem with the fixture. Learn simple repairs for the most common problems.

  3. Fluorescent Closet Light Fixtures


    Light up your closet with slim profile fluorescent lights connected to a motion detector switch that activates the lights when you open the door. They’re also safer and have more flexible placement options than standard bulbs. The biggest challenge is finding a nearby power source without breaking ...

  4. Fluorescent Light Repair


    Older fluorescent light fixtures that flicker or only light up part way may just need a new —a less expensive repair than a bulb. You’ll find replacement starters at any hardware store.

  5. Save Money by Upgrading Fluorescent Fixtures


    T-12 fluorescent bulbs, long used in garages and shops, are being replaced by energy-saving T-8 bulbs. However, you'll probably need to replace the old ballast; otherwise the new bulb will burn out too fast.

  6. Tips for Replacing Fluorescent Bulbs


    Fluorescent bulbs can go for years without replacement—even when the ends start to blacken. Don't worry about them until the light they put out starts to weaken.

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