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Drywall Taping

Drywall taping tips and tricks for a perfect job.

  1. Drywall Butt Joints Made Easy

    No matter how well you plan your drywall installation, sometimes you just can't avoid having to tape a butt joint or two. Don't worry. Here are some tips to make the job easy—and the results perfect.

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  1. How to Choose Joint Compound


    Setting-type joint compound, lightweight joint compound, all-purpose compound and others all have their unique uses. Learn the difference between them and get a better understanding of the choices for different situations.

  2. Tips for Better Drywall Taping


    Whether you're finishing a basement, repairing a damaged wall, or hanging drywall in a new house, these taping tips will help you make smooth, invisible seams, even at inside corners.

  3. How to Tape Drywall With a Banjo


    Fast, trouble-free drywall taping is easy with this professional taper's tool. With a little practice you can learn to use a taping banjo and complete big drywall taping jobs in a hurry.

  4. How to Tape Drywall Joints


    Improve your drywall taping skills and increase your speed with these taping tips. They'll help you achieve invisible joints and perfectly smooth walls.

  5. Drywall Taping Tips


    Follow these 12 pro drywall-taping tips to improve your skills, speed up the job and result in smoother walls. They include mixing, knife techniques and problems to avoid.

  6. How to Tape Drywall


    Save yourself $100s by taping your own walls. We’ll show you how. This article shows you everything you need to get perfectly smooth walls, without having to worry about nail pops, cracks and bad joints later. We take a beginner DIY approach, so even if you've never used drywall tools before, you can get good results on your walls.

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