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Bathroom Exhaust Fan

Install and repair your bathroom exhaust fan with these how-to projects.

  1. Use an In-Line Fan to Vent Two Bathrooms

    Venting two bathroom exhaust fans through one roof duct won’t work, sorry to say. But you can install one fan in your attic for both bathrooms, and make your bathroom quieter, too.

Other Projects for DIYers from The Family Handyman:

  1. How to Clean a Bathroom Exhaust Fan


    Use a blast of canned air to quickly clean dust from the wall and ceiling grilles of vent fans and heating/air conditioning systems.

  2. How to Install a Quiet Bathroom Fan


    Replace that old noisy bath fan with one that's whisper quiet and clears the air faster with better airflow. You often can do it in less than a day with little or no ceiling repair.

  3. How to Repair a Bathroom Fan


    Fix your bath fan without replacing the entire unit and improve air flow with a first class vent system. You can replace a dead motor without tearing out the ceiling and replacing the whole thing. You can also improve venting and prevent roof rot by running the vent through the roof, and not leave it in the attic as was done by many contractors. Both improvements are easy. This article shows you how.

  4. Better Insulation Will Prevent Water Stains Around Bath Fans


    Water stains or mold near a bathroom vent are usually due to an insulation problem, allowing moist, warm air to meet cold air in an uninsulated duct. Better insulation will generally solve the problem.

  5. Fix a Noisy Bathroom Fan


    Noisy bath fans are annoying and often don't get used, resulting in moisture problems. Replace them with a quiet fan and motor without taking out the housing using a universal replacement kit.

  6. How to Install an Exhaust Fan


    Upgrade your bath fan and reduce noise without tearing open the ceiling. Simply replace the fan and motor in your existing unit with a new 60 cfm blower. We show you how.

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