Learn how to build, repair and decorate all the walls in your home with these projects, tips and ideas.

  1. How to Install a Load-Bearing Beam

    Open up cramped rooms by replacing a wall with a load-bearing beam. Create an open kitchen/dining area, a larger living room or a huge master bedroom using basic framing techniques and standard materials.

Other Projects for DIYers from The Family Handyman:

  1. How to Soundproof a Room


    Cut down on the noise coming into—or going out of—your living area with these proven sound-dampening materials and techniques.

  2. How to Find a Stud


    Use clues and your powers of deductive reasoning to locate studs and ceiling joists with out an electronic stud finder. Here are some tips to make finding studs and ceiling joists a piece of cake.

  3. Home Theater Setup


    Create a first class home theater setup in an existing room in your home. We show you how to adapt it for optimal viewing and sound and the wiring materials that will deliver the best possible sound and picture.

  4. Close Gaps Around Electrical Outlets and Switches


    Air leaks around electrical devices and register openings on exterior walls can create significant drafts, increasing heating and cooling costs. Plugging them takes only a few minutes.

  5. Drilling Holes: Notching and Boring Holes in Wood Studs


    Building codes specify allowable sizes and locations for holes and cuts in studs. Here's a handy guide to those requirements that will keep your building standing tall.

  6. Energy Conservation: Know the R-Value of Insulation


    Subzero temperatures can mean three-digit utility bills and a huge waste of energy if your home isn’t insulated properly. Adding insulation to your walls and attic isn’t hard and it can pay off immediately in huge energy and money savings. Here are some great tips that will show you fast and easy ...

  7. How to Hang Prepasted Wallpaper


    Successfully wallpaper a room even if you haven't done it before. A professional paperhanger demonstrates every technique you'll need, start to finish, and shows you how to save time and avoid a heap of frustration.

  8. How to Install Venetian Wall Plaster and Chair Rail Molding


    Venetian plaster wall texture and urethane moldings are two great ways to create a new look for an ordinary-looking room in just a weekend. We'll show you a step-by-step method for applying the plaster and installing the moldings. It's the perfect way to makeover a room without spending a lot of money.

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