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Screen Door Repair

If your storm or screen door needs repair, these articles will help you do it yourself.

  1. Sliding Screen Door Repair Tips

    Does it feel like you’re dragging your sliding screen door through a gravel pit when you open it or doesn’t close all the way? You probably don’t need to replace the whole door. Just put on some new wheels and give your patio door a quick tuneup. Here’s how.

Other Projects for DIYers from The Family Handyman:

  1. Replace a Broken Storm or Screen Door Handle


    Storm door handles break or become tarnished long before the door need replacing, but installing a new handle is a simple job that can usually be finished in a few minutes.

  2. Adjusting a Storm Door Closer


    Make a simple closer adjustment to keep your storm door from banging shut, or remaining open when you lower or raise the glass panel for winter or summer.

  3. How to Make Perfect-Closing Screen Doors


    We'll show you how to adjust a storm door so it closes perfectly. By simply turning a screw, you can fix the door so it won't slam shut or be hard to pull closed. If you can use a screwdriver, you can fix this problem.

  4. How to Adjust Storm Doors


    A binding, sticking storm door will eventually cause more damage if it’s not repaired. Here’s how to diagnose the problem and make the door hang properly and close smoothly.

  5. How to Fix Your Broken Storm-Door Handles


    Don't let a broken or ugly storm-door handle ruin the look of your home's entrance. Replace your old storm-door handle in five easy steps, which include drilling new holes if needed.

  6. How to Make Your House Warmer by Adjusting the Storm Door Sweep


    Stop drafts and save energy by adjusting the bottom sweep on your exterior doors. It usually takes less than five minutes.

  7. How to Replace a Torn Fiberglass Screen With Heavy Duty Screen Mesh


    Replace door and window screening quickly and easily with simple tools. Use pet-proof screening for durability.

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