1. How to Install a Durable Asphalt Driveway

    Replacing or adding a driveway? Learn the ingredients and techniques needed to make a high-quality, long-lasting asphalt driveway .

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  1. Repave Your Driveway for Instant Curb Appeal


    Fix your cracked and eroded asphalt driveway before it falls apart and needs an expensive professional replacement. It's easy to repair cracks and apply topcoat, and the supplies are inexpensive.

  2. How to Fix a Sinking Driveway


    This article shows you what to do when your driveway starts to sink and pull away from your garage floor. The fix is easier than you might think, and you can do it yourself.

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  1. How to saw-cut and patch a pothole in asphalt


    FromInstructables: exploring - workshop - featured

    This Instructable will show you how to saw cut and patch a pothole in asphalt . Chances are you will never have the occasion to do this yourself but if so this is for you. Safety First You should always use eye protection, ear protection, and breathing protection when using a demo saw. Necessar... ...

  2. How to Resurface a Driveway


    FromRon Hazelton's Housecalls - Projects & Tips

    Learn how to repair and resurface an asphalt driveway ; watch a video showing how to clean, repair and resurface a driveway. Continue Reading Categories: Decks & Patios

  3. Front Yard Landscaping Ideas - Bob Vila



    While there are no hard and fast rules to front yard landscaping, there are guidelines that the pros follow. Here are 12 front yard landscaping ideas from Certified Landscape Designer, Dorian Winslow, to help you plan successfully.

  4. How To: Seal a Driveway - Bob Vila



    Sealing your driveway may seem like a bothersome chore, but its benefits are significant. First, a regular coat of sealer can extend the life of your driveway by protecting it from damage caused by sun, oil and gas spills, wind, rain and snow.

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  1. Paving Stones Placement


    TFH Multi Playlist Videos

    Mark Fuss of Nicolock Paving Stones explains the process of paving stones placement.

  2. Why You Need a Surface Sander


    TFH Multi Playlist Videos

    George Vondriska demonstrates the benefits of using a surface sander.

  3. How to Paint Over Existing Wall Coverings


    TFH Multi Playlist Videos

    Spike Carlsen, a contributing editor at Family Handyman magazine, explains the best way to paint over existing wall coverings such as wood and tile.

Blog Posts

  1. How to Patch a Hole in Blacktop


    FromAsk the Builder

    It's possible to repair your asphalt driveway yourself and get long-lasting results. Some extra effort and hole preparation is required to get the hole ready so that the patching material lasts.

  2. Winter Driving: Tips to Stay Out of the Ditch


    FromDIY Advice Blog

    Here in Minnesota, we had our first taste of winter driving a few weeks ago when a surprise dusting of snow fell on warm asphalt and froze, turning the roads into a virtual skating rink. Traffic was snarled and there were cars in the ditch everywhere...( read more )

  3. Paving Day



    No we haven't given up on the Momplex. The Ram just may or may not have taken one comment about taking a fishing break a little too seriously. But truly, it's a huge project, and we can't focus on how much there is to do, how much we've done, or anything like that. What works for us is to set small ...

  4. Clopay Garage Door: Easy to Design and Quick to Install


    FromCharles and Hudson

    In 1983 we moved to a home on the Northeast side of Tucson that has continued to serve my parents well. They've done a great job taking care of the home and invest wisely when it comes to redoing the roof, laying down tile and paving the driveway. The home hasn't aged a bit, except for the garage ...

  5. New Polymer-Modified Sand Fills Wide Joints Between Flagstone, Cobblestone & Other Pavers


    FromRon Hazelton's Blog

    Now wide gaps between flagstones, cobblestones and other pavers can be easily filled with a polymer-modified sand that's swept into the joints, dampened and allowed to dry locking paving materials in place. Continue reading

  6. Single Girl’s Guide to Country Living: 2013 Update


    FromDIY Diva

    Those of you who have been following my adventures in being a single girl living in the middle of nowhere by herself may or may not remember that around this...

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