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January 14, 3:29 PM [GMT -5]

Never touched a router in all my years - bought one the other day - big surprise-
no line of sight cutting with this gadget. Is there some secret to freehand patterns
with a router or do I need to buy a "how to do it" book. You guessed it. I'm in
kindergarten when it comes to routing.

December 03, 3:28 PM [GMT -5]

You're right, Mlkman. Also don't forget safety eyewear as well. I like this article because when I buy a book or collection of projects, it assumes that you know all these basics, which I did not, before this. I would love to be a great wood crafter, but stay busy with the job, etc. So I'm a total dweeb when it comes to the simplest things in the woodshop. I would liike to see more things like this.

October 24, 9:09 AM [GMT -5]

Looking for a manual or instructions for a WEN Model 1700 Router.
Manufacturers website would be helpful, too.

June 03, 12:24 AM [GMT -5]

Good project, but you forgot to include hearing protection in the tools needed tab. Routers are loud, whining machines.

May 03, 6:11 AM [GMT -5]

A very nice project !!

May 03, 6:09 AM [GMT -5]

Nice Project !!!

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Router Basics

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