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April 16, 1:49 AM [GMT -5]

my planer is not working..so i checked it...then i found out that the capacitor is not workng...then i changed the new capacitor...when i changed the capacitor the result is over speeding why????anyone suggest...how will it work properly..

April 16, 1:46 AM [GMT -5]

comment ppls...when my planer is not working...i changed the capacitor cuz already burn out..when i changed it already the motor of the planer is over speeding why....?

September 20, 11:29 AM [GMT -5]

I had no trouble renting a planer from my local tool rental centre. It's probably not the right tool for the job, but it did a beautiful job of removing the most of the cracked and peeling paint from my garage. It's an old structure with 12" tapered ceder siding and old paint that no other tool was really doing much to remove. For $40 (two days), I didn't have to buy one, and didn't have to buy the three sets of (carbide) blades I wore out.

Hearing protection, eye protection, and a respirator are required for this job.

July 12, 6:46 PM [GMT -5]

I am a Class A Machinist, by Trade, and know how to use a Planer Mill, but I have never used a Power Planer before. Working on replacing doors in our home, I decided to purchase a Craftsman 7.0 Amp Power Planer. This tool works just great for planing the sides and bottoms of the door to make it fit right. I've never used one before, but found that it's so easy to make the sides & bottoms fit just right. A nice smooth surface is left over. Hardly any sanding is necessary. I can change the depth of cut just by turning a knob from 1/64 to 1/8th inch. Well worth the money to buy. Your article here will help me out when I have to change blades. Thanks.

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How to Use a Power Planer

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