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May 06, 6:11 PM [GMT -5]

There's a little error in the plan. We should stop the plastic barrier at the end of the cement board. In the plan the plastic continues up to the ceiling. This will create a lot of humidity under this part of the drywall. The plastic will block the humidity going deeper in the wall, but it will reply it back to the drywall, that will moist a lot faster than without any plastic. Sometimes a plastic can be your friend and your enemy in the same room. Sorry I'm not an English native speaker.

August 01, 12:10 PM [GMT -5]

Do you need to install a moisture membrane over cement board used in a shower stall? I will be taping seams and corners. Although I have read taping corners does not allow for movement between the two walls. Any thoughts?

May 12, 3:14 PM [GMT -5]

When placing the cement board around the faucet area, I ended up having a seam, but the boards don't align perfectly because one board is a little bowed. There is no stud to screw the boards into to pull the center of the board in. The studs are about 29 inches apart. What is the best way to align the cement boards, being there's nothing behind them to support them? Thanks for any assistance you can provide.

December 31, 2:11 AM [GMT -5]

This project plan was very helpful. I just finished installing cement board around my new bath tub and it looks great. Thanks for the help!

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