Tile Installation

Learn tips and techniques to get better results on your next tile installation project.

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  • Tips for Installing Tile

  • Installing tile in a kitchen or bathroom is hard work. This collection of tips may not eliminate all your tile troubles, but it will help you…

  • How to Tile Bathroom Floors

  • An old vinyl floor can be a good base for ceramic tile if the floor is stiff enough and the vinyl is properly prepared—eliminating the…

  • Cement Board Ceramic Tile

  • Installing cement board correctly is the most critical part of a first-class tiling project. Here's how to do it.

  • How to Cut Tile With a Grinder

  • Learn to cut perfect circles, holes and other cutouts in stone and ceramic tile. It's quick and easy using an angle grinder and diamond blade.

  • How to Cut a Hole in Tile

  • Splicing ceramic tile around pipes and plumbing fixtures looks tacky. Cutting holes in tile makes the job look more professional. Here's how to…

  • Selecting a Tile Backer Board

  • Tile needs to be installed on a backer board to keep the assembly stiff, otherwise the assembly will flex at the grout joints, allowing water to…

  • Tile a Shower

  • Installing a tile shower in your bathroom? Build an alcove, bench and shelf into the shower space with these advanced tiling techniques, and…

  • How to Cut a Large Hole in Tile

  • Cutting large holes in tile, like for a shower valve, can be challenging. The Family Handyman editor, Jeff Gorton, shows you how to layout the…

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