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November 28, 11:40 AM [GMT -5]

Handy clips for outdoor lights: Where do you pick up picnic clips from?

November 28, 11:37 AM [GMT -5]

@MikeFL: This is a great idea. I thought of the PVC aspect but couldn't figure out how to attach it to the house in an easy fashion. Sounds very promising. This would also work for going up the roof to the peak, too!

November 26, 9:17 AM [GMT -5]

For indoor and outdoor decorating, I have used red, green and white pipe cleaners. Less expensive than tie wraps and reusable year after year.

December 06, 8:54 PM [GMT -5]

When the labels wore off my tips on the artificial tree, I bundled each layer usually 3 together with different colored zip ties.(2 sets of 3 for each row) I used 5 different colors and then repeated the same sequence until I was done, come next Christmas cut the zip ties spread the branches and put up your tree. The colors will start with the bottom row and reverse your way to the top in the same sequence.

December 05, 9:00 PM [GMT -5]

For my older artificial tree, I "repainted" the tips of each branch size with permanent magic markers. You can buy a set of 8 colors and easily keep them sorted.

December 05, 8:32 PM [GMT -5]

JCB1950 is sooo right i did this a few years ago the tree has never fallen since, also bonus no more arguing with the wife, we joke that there is no noise when the tree goes up anymore...MERRY CHRISTMAS

December 05, 5:34 PM [GMT -5]

I got tired of sorting and untangling my outdoor light strings so I bought enough 3/4" PVC pipe to go from one end of my front eaves to the other. I used screw in hooks about 8ft apart just under the roof on the house. I also bought "outdoor" (black) cable ties to strap the light strings to the pvc pipe (most are 10ft) sections. Make sure to end a string with the end of each pipe. That way you can connect the pipes and the light string while installing them. Some pvc pipes come with one end enlarged to allow another to fit into it. If yours doesn't have the one flared end, buy an inline coupler for each section. NOTE: Do not glue the sections together..Just remember to make the runs so ends match (I number matched mine). This goes up easily. It is easy to trouble shoot lighting sections. The pipe can be cut and made to fit angle roof lines with no problem. After all the fun is over, simply unplug the light sections, disconnect the pipes and you have easliy storable sections ready for the garage, the attic, a shed or other 10' storage place. Work Safe!!

December 05, 3:53 PM [GMT -5]

I like to put live poinsettias around my tree - in lieu of a velvet or decorated tree skirt, I purchased a 4.88 round vinyl holiday tablecloth and cut a hole in the middle, and slit going to the edge. I can put the decorative side up, or the white flannel side up. Either way, I have a pretty tree skirt and I can water my poinsettias without worrying about water leaking on the carpeting. Incidentally, it also protects the floor from puppies who decide to mark their territory under the tree...

December 05, 2:37 PM [GMT -5]

For attaching garland to stair rails, shoe strings work very well, do not scratch, and we all have a drawer full of them somewhere in our homes.

For the tree stand, take a 4ft square piece of plywood, preferable formica coated and cut the corners off so you have a hex shape. Mount your stand to the plywood. This makes the most sturdy tree stand on carpet and you can slide the tree around the room if needed.

November 14, 9:20 PM [GMT -5]

Great decorating tips, thanks. When I am hanging ornaments and run out of decorating hooks, I use a paper clip and open it up. You can use silver, gold or colored ones to hang your ornaments and many other things around the house. If wires are on the floor and you need to get them up a little higher, use a paper clip opened and put a map pin or anyother tack to put in the wall and hang the paper clip on it.

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