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Saving Money: DIY Repair Tips

There are some household repairs that are so simple that even the pros feel bad about charging for them (really!). Many of these plumbing, heating, electrical, air conditioning, and appliance repairs are simple things that homeowners overlook. Other solutions in this collection are less obvious, but all of these repairs can save you a big chunk of change the next time something goes wrong.

Low water pressure at the faucet?

Your toilet's not a garbage can

Got a leak?

No hot water?

Refrigerator not cooling?

No flame at the gas burners?

Electric stove burner not heating?

An electrical outlet doesn't work

Not getting enough heat?

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March 11, 3:42 AM [GMT -5]

I have read this and really good

March 11, 3:40 AM [GMT -5]

thanks for your nice tips

February 10, 11:28 PM [GMT -5]

recently my gas burner wouldn't light. It was getting gas, the igniter was clicking away, but no flame. Turns out the burner cover was out of place about 1/4". Just enough that the burner wouldn't light.

July 12, 7:18 PM [GMT -5]

I would like to add somthing to the below Repair Tip:

Reset your GFCI electrical outlets
Some outlets are protected by upstream GFCIs or GFCI circuit breakers. Look in the circuit box for a GFCI circuit breaker and in bathrooms, kitchens and laundry rooms for GFCI outlets. Test and reset them. This may solve your problem.

I am a handyman and here in Florida there also may be a GFCI which BTW stands for Ground Fault Circuit Interupter in the of all places the GARAGE. Yes and they are usually tied to the same circuit as the bathrooms in the home. You do not know how many calls I have had to come out and push a button. $50.00 dollars please.

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Saving Money: DIY Repair Tips

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