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May 28, 9:46 PM [GMT -5]

If you store your old paint upside down, you won't get a film on the paint and won't have to strain it.

May 16, 1:42 PM [GMT -5]

Another way to keep your paint from getting gunky and crusty in the first place: store your paint cans upside-down. By storing them on their lids, it creates a sealed air-tight home for your paint.

May 13, 3:45 PM [GMT -5]

FYI... do not drop your water heater too low, you will be at risk for Legionnaires Disease:


After a recent renovation that included a new hot water heater, the inspector told me we'd fail if we didn't meet the 140deg minimum

Many OSHA sites support this, the link included gave the best consolidated information.

May 13, 3:11 PM [GMT -5]

Another good paint strainer is to use a pair of old panty hose.

May 22, 3:17 PM [GMT -5]

And, your idea for portable storage of small hardware is ok but a total waste of space. I prefer to reuse plastic containers from the deli (m husband is a cole slaw maniac). You can see the contents, can put on labels easily if desired and can stack them. HOWEVER the idea is good to use at the work site... easy to use and carry. I also use those items as portable paint cans to do cut in work. A lot lighter on my old wrists.

May 22, 3:14 PM [GMT -5]

And just HOW do you test the water temp of a front loading washer? hmmm

May 18, 2:11 PM [GMT -5]

I think maybe the strainer net works better if you put it in the container you are pouring the paint into. Then gather it and raise, slowly working it until the lumps are strained. Then put it in the trash or whatever. Putting it over the paint to be strained, as pictured, is awkwardly messy indeed.

October 25, 6:08 PM [GMT -5]

Caution on the paint straining tip...if your latex paint is clumpy because it has been frozen....the paint is ruined no matter how much you strain! To avoid skinning of stored paint, store paint in the smallest container it will fit in and make sure the lid is sealed tightly.

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