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October 19, 6:33 PM [GMT -5]

If you or your neighbours (or HOA) are worried about appearances, adding some lattice or "matching" fencing will easily hide and disguise this great project.

July 09, 11:18 AM [GMT -5]

We used this to build our three 50 gallon rain barrel system. Love it!!! Last year we had to carry the water with buckets though. This year we figured out how to add a solar powered water pump to it, so no more carrying water. Check out our blog on how to do it here: http://sistersplayinghouse.blogspot.com/2012/07/solar-powered-water-pump.html

April 25, 3:32 PM [GMT -5]

There was one "tool" that was required that was not on the list for this project. I found out that a critical step was the tightening of the male/female PVC conduits. Given the depth of the barrels and the small opening, I was unable to reach the coupling on the bottom. Fortunately, my girlfriend just came back from the beauty parlor. Since her hair had been cut by a beautician having a terrrible day, she was very willing to stick her head into the barrel and crawl inside. I had sufficiently prepared the barrel with lots of glue and silicone caulking fumes. While I snapped a few quick pics of pure enjoyment, she was busy getting a cheap "high" inside the barrel. The project came out great, and I think her eyes will be back in focus after another day or so. Thanks again for the plans, but hope you might include this required "tool" in the next edition.

March 22, 5:27 PM [GMT -5]

Not to be a naysayer, but rain barrels are illegal in some states. Colorado is one of them. I don't believe the water *** would come around, but in a drought, that's a possibility. The issue is based upon water laws that regulate water useage in some western states. It's generally not an issue in eastern states.

FWIW, the same is true with the popular backyard fire rings/pits. Again, in most counties in Colorado, they are illegal, but yet are sold at the local big box stores and lumberyards.

So check your local codes and laws before you decide to build one.

February 28, 9:15 AM [GMT -5]

We have a rain barrel. That we got for free from a local environmental group. But I don't know why anyone would DIY one. They aren't that much more to buy one that already has the fittings installed. Plus, a premade rain barrel will have an overflow system, which IMO is essential.

January 17, 10:44 PM [GMT -5]

I have a great method that is cost efective and works perfectly. Go to http://www.lionart.com/handy/garden.htm to see a picture of it.

August 16, 12:46 PM [GMT -5]

I have a Pickling barrel that I paid $6.00 each actually I have 2 of them. I plan buying two more and putting them on the side of my garage. Where I have a tin roof 24x22 ft. Instead of routing one down spout and fill one barrel than have an overflow into the others I plan on putting a downspout to each individual barrel. To me the one here doesn't look like the water would FLOW UP into the second barrel as one would have an over flow.
I will elevate mine about 24" off the ground. I will put drains in the bottom with a ball valve for each barrel. Then I plan to put an individual line that will branch off each one. Then I will put the1' PVC line underground to the underground (black) soaker hose. I have noticed that if you don't have suffcient pressure the underground soaker hoses really do disperse the water well. So I am thinking of incorporating a small DCV motor to pump the water to the hoses which would have enough pressure to push the water out of the soaker hose.
I think the biggest expense will be the Platform made of pressure treated 3/4 in plywood and 4x4 posts. PVC is not expensive, the joints/fittings are more expensive than the pipe itself.

May 20, 2:12 PM [GMT -5]

There is a little bit more to this than the article states. I'm not super handy so maybe this is more obvious to the more experienced person.

- Not a $100, unless you just do the rain barrel by itself and already have a rain gutter. I did everything, gutter, base, plumbing and two rain barrels and it cost about $500. The 44 gal garbage cans were $40 alone each.

- the single leg in the middle of the back is pretty unstable only attached to the top. I added a cross beam at the bottom to connect it to the front for more support and it gave me a place to anchor the PVR to with a bracket to keep it all solid.

- I used a bracket to attach the overflow pipe to the crossbeam it goes over.

- I added bracket to secure the spigots to the wood.

- used 6" lag screws, it didn't say what size to use.

- cutting holes in the barrel and wood top, I used a 2 3/8" hole saw, the 2 1/4" was too small.

- Unions are pretty damn pricey, $10 + each so I didn't use them. Not sure how all the plumbing would add up to $40 with those. Even without them it was over $50

- I used redwood instead of treated wood, and water sealed it.

- it didn't say how high or wide or long to make it. I made it 4' long, by 2' high plus the 4x4 height and the width was 2' for the center beams plus the 4x4 width on each end.

- I also added a garden hose holder and a Full / Empty gauge with a floater inside and a string and weighted end outside.

All in all, pretty fun. though I don't think I will do another any time soon.

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How to Build a Rain Barrel

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