Home Safety Tips

These home safety tips will help you keep your family safe during storms, prevent home fires and how to work alone safely.

Home Safety Tips projects

  • DIY Safety Tips

    Our staff and field editors tell of the DIY mistakes they've made and the lessons learned from ladders, electricity, roofs, power nailers,…

  • All About Christmas Tree Safety

    Keep your Christmas tree fire-safe by keeping it watered. Buy it fresh, pull light plugs overnight, keep it well away from candles and…

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  • How to Store Gasoline

    Store gasoline in approved containers and well away from ignition sources and where children can't reach it. Add a fuel stabilizer as well.

  • Heavy Lifting

    Whether you're moving a couch or a boulder, a heavy planter or a delicate glass mirror, these heavy-lifting tips will make the job easier and…

  • What Is Radon?

    What is radon? More important, how do you know if your house has it? We’ll show you how to test for radon—and how to stop radon…

  • Tips for Using Emergency Generators

    A backup generator can save the day when the power goes out

  • Prevent Common Injuries When Working With Tools

    Learn how to prevent common injuries by using your power tools safely. Keep yourself safe by following these rules and you'll save yourself…

  • One Call: Call Before You Dig

    Before you start digging to plant a tree, install a fence or any other landscaping activity, call 811 to have the underground utility lines…