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Build or repair almost anything around your home with these projects and tips designed to improve your do-it-yourself skills and make home repairs easier.

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Skills: Featured DIY Projects

Fix a Noisy Bathroom Fan

Noisy bath fans are annoying and often don't get used, resulting in moisture problems....

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How to Change Car Oil

Regular oil changes prolong the life of your car. Save time and money by doing this...

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Skills: Other DIY Projects you may like

  • How to Install an In-Line Cord Switch

  • Make turning lamps on and off easier by installing an in line cord switch. We'll show you how to add the switch so you don't have to reach under the lampshade to flip on the light. The installation is fast, simple and...Read more»

  • How to Change a Bicycle Tire

  • Follow these simple steps for replacing a punctured bicycle tube. You can even fix the flat on the go if you have a spare tube, tire levers and a pump.

  • Shortcuts for Custom Built Cabinets

  • Built-in bookcases, shelving and cabinets are faster, easier and better with these tips from a veteran cabinetmaker. Ken Geisen has been building high-end custom cabinets, shelving and entertainment centers for 20 years. Here...Read more»

  • How to Prevent Home Fires

  • You can vastly cut down deadly fire risks by exercising good safety habits and simple prevention steps. This article lists the “Big 7” most common causes of preventable fires and tells you the simple things you can and should do to...Read more»

  • Professional Painting Tips

  • Professional painter Butch Zang tells you the key techniques he uses to keep organized, work fast, choose tools and materials and produce first-rate results. By following his tips, you'll paint a room with less effort, yet get done...Read more»

  • Build a Shoe Organizer

  • Store shoes up off the floor in clean, natural wood racks. This simple storage rack can handle everything from winter boots to summer sandals, with no mud buildup or scuff marks on the wall.

  • How to Tape Drywall With a Banjo

  • Fast, trouble-free drywall taping is easy with this professional taper's tool. With a little practice you can learn to use a taping banjo and complete big drywall taping jobs in a hurry.

  • How to Remove Stains In Wood Furniture

  • A wet glass on fine furniture can create a white ring that no amount of cleaning erases. Before you resort to paint stripper, try rubbing it with one of these solvents.

  • Removing a Trailer Hitch Ball

  • Remove a rusted trailer hitch with penetrating fluid and an air chisel, not a sledgehammer. It's easier and won't bend or break anything.

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