Home Repair Skills

Build or repair almost anything around your home with these projects and tips designed to improve your do-it-yourself skills and make home repairs easier.

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Skills: Featured DIY Projects

Preparing Walls for Painting: Problem Walls

We show you how to fix common wall flaws and make them perfectly...

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How to Install Drywall

A good drywall job starts with solid backing and properly driven fasteners. Learn how...

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Skills: Other DIY Projects you may like

  • Fishing Electrical Wire Through Walls

  • Add wiring for new switches, fixtures and outlets anywhere in the house, with minimal wall damage. Learn how to use fish tapes, flex bits and glow rods to pull wire through walls and across ceilings, quickly and...Read more»

  • Prevent Mold with the DewStop Fan Switch

  • Control bathroom humidity more efficiently with a new type of humidistat switch that turns an exhaust fan on and off in response to changing humidity levels.

  • Cement Board Ceramic Tile

  • Installing cement board correctly is the most critical part of a first-class tiling project. Here's how to do it.

  • How to Prevent Home Fires

  • You can vastly cut down deadly fire risks by exercising good safety habits and simple prevention steps. This article lists the “Big 7” most common causes of preventable fires and tells you the simple things you can and should do to...Read more»

  • Safer Driving with Windshield Coating

  • Glass treatments coat your windshield with water repellant, making it easier to wipe away water, ice and bugs and giving you a clearer view out your windshield for months. (Photo courtesy of PPG Industries)

  • Join Copper and Galvanized Steel Pipe

  • Water leaks from old galvanized steel water pipe are common at joints, especially when they're joined to copper. Use a dielectric coupling when fixing the problem to prevent further damage.

  • Build a Wall Niche

  • Save space by mounting a simple cabinet inside a wall between wall studs. You can build and finish it in a day for less than $50.

  • 6 Point Sockets vs. 12 Point Sockets

  • Are 12-point sockets as good as six-point sockets? Find out the answer—and why—before you buy that expensive set of socket wrenches at the auto supply store.

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