Home Repair Skills

Build or repair almost anything around your home with these projects and tips designed to improve your do-it-yourself skills and make home repairs easier.

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Skills: Featured DIY Projects

Remove Water Sediment With a Whole Home Water Filter

Well water and some public water systems may contain tiny...

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Tile Installation Tips From a Tile Expert

Take your tiling skills to the next level. Learn pro tricks for...

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Skills: Other DIY Projects you may like

  • Crosscuts With a Table Saw Sled

  • A table saw sled makes crosscuts safe, simple and accurate. You can quickly make precise right angle cuts time after time. You can build one in about 2 hours, then hang it on the wall near your table saw until you need it.

  • Tips for Buying a Mechanic's Creeper

  • Padded undercar creepers are worth the investment, even for amateur mechanics. You’ll enjoy changing the oil and working on the engine more when you’re comfortable.

  • How to Use a Bench-Top Planer

  • Learn to use a bench-top planer correctly and avoid common problems like tearout, snipe and ridges. Reclaim old wood, clean up inexpensive rough-sawn boards, and create custom thicknesses for woodworking projects.

  • How to Tile Bathroom Floors

  • An old vinyl floor can be a good base for ceramic tile if the floor is stiff enough and the vinyl is properly prepared — eliminating the problem of tearing it up. This article explains what to look for and how to do it.

  • 8 Great DIY Home Improvement Rules

  • With so much DIY expertise and experience here at The Family Handyman, our editors decided to write down their top tips for how to get the best results from your home improvement projects. From plumbing to drywall, our editors...Read more»

  • Diagnose Car Problems With a Stethoscope

  • Diagnosing many car problems is easier with an automotive stethoscope, a tool that lets you hear inside the engine. Here's an introduction to using one to track down trouble.

  • Top Auto Mechanic Tools

  • Pro mechanics reveal their top automotive tools, the ones that they keep close at hand and work best for them, including a battery-powered impact wrench, an air ratchet, a bolt spinner, an automotive stethoscope and many others.

  • Garage Storage Systems

  • This garage wall hanging storage system makes every inch count. You can easily store all kinds of tools, bikes, garden equipment and even add shelves and bins for smaller stuff. It's easy to build with a circular saw, router and drill and...Read more»

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