Home Repair Skills

Build or repair almost anything around your home with these projects and tips designed to improve your do-it-yourself skills and make home repairs easier.

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Skills: Featured DIY Projects

Replace a Leaking Heater Hose

Save money on your next heater hose repair by replacing just the leaky hose...

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Tips for Faster, Neater Painting

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Skills: Other DIY Projects you may like

  • Our Favorite Woodworkers Tools

  • Three professional woodworkers talk about their favorite woodworking tools—a grinder, a sharpener, calipers and a hand plane.

  • What is PEX? Plus Tips for Using PEX

  • PEX tubing and fittings are starting to push copper out of home-handyman (and plumbers') toolboxes. Learn tips for working with it and what all the specialized tools and fittings are for in this article.

  • Wrench Storage Project

  • This simple tool storage tote is perfect for organizing all your metric and SAE sockets and wrenches. You can make it in minutes with plywood and two magnetic bars.

  • How to Sharpen Tools

  • There's no technical mystery to sharpening garden tools like your lawn mower blades, ax and shovel. In this article, we'll show you step-by-step methods to file and hone an axe using a sharpening stone, how to sharpen a shovel and the best...Read more»

  • Join Copper and Galvanized Steel Pipe

  • Water leaks from old galvanized steel water pipe are common at joints, especially when they're joined to copper. Use a dielectric coupling when fixing the problem to prevent further damage.

  • Remove Dryer Lint

  • Thousands of dryer fires are caused by lint every year, yet they can be easily prevented with a few minutes of cleaning. Learn where lint is, how to get at it, and the best way to clean it out.

  • Low-Voltage Outdoor Lighting

  • Installing low-voltage outdoor lighting is a big-impact DIY project. And since it's low voltage, it's safe to use and install, even for beginners. Outdoor lighting can be used to illuminate paths, steps and dark zones, plus it can...Read more»

  • LED Safety Lighting

  • A retractable LED work light is safer than incandescent drop lights and a pocket LED puts light right where you need it in tight quarters.

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