Home Repair Skills

Build or repair almost anything around your home with these projects and tips designed to improve your do-it-yourself skills and make home repairs easier.

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Skills: Featured DIY Projects

How to Reinforce Door With Knob Reinforcer

This story walks you through the how to steps to install a doorknob...

Instant! Under $20
Accident Prevention: Backup Alarms

Replace your vehicle backup bulbs with alarm bulbs to alert folks nearby for...

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Skills: Other DIY Projects you may like

  • How to Properly Use a Hole Saw

  • Cutting clean holes with hole saws requires a little skill and practice. Here are the key techniques that will make the task safer and give you the best results.

  • Using Drywall Screws for Woodworking

  • Drywall screws have conquered home centers and hardware stores, but the traditional wood screw is still better designed for holding two pieces of wood together.

  • Replace a Leaking Heater Hose

  • Save money on your next heater hose repair by replacing just the leaky hose instead of the whole assembly. All you need is a rotary tool and a new hose.

  • Learn what motor oil does for your car and when to change it.
  • What Does Motor Oil Do?

  • Learn what's new in motor oil (a lot!), what oil does and doesn't do, how often you need to change it and how the right type can help your engine's performance.

  • How to Use a Bench-Top Planer

  • Learn to use a bench-top planer correctly and avoid common problems like tearout, snipe and ridges. Reclaim old wood, clean up inexpensive rough-sawn boards, and create custom thicknesses for woodworking projects.

  • Rust Stain Removal

  • Remove rust stains from toilets, sinks and bathtubs quickly and easily with the resin bed cleaner used for water softeners.

  • How to Install an Exhaust Fan

  • Upgrade your bath fan and reduce noise without tearing open the ceiling. Simply replace the fan and motor in your existing unit with a new 60 cfm blower. We show you how.

  • Handy Plumbing Tips and Tricks

  • To save you time, money and headaches down the road, we collected our favorite tips and tricks for solving common household plumbing problems. Most of these tips make use of things that cost less than $20 and these tips could save...Read more»

  • How to Build Suspended Bookshelves

  • Build this simple set of book or display shelves in a single weekend. They're strong and stylish. By changing materials or finishes you can easily customize them to fit the décor of any room.

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