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June 21, 8:18 PM [GMT -5]

We live at the beach. Would this be appropriate? I don't have a garage and need to keep my lawnmower outside.

June 17, 2:39 PM [GMT -5]

I've built 2 of these over the years. I've always built mine on a 4' X 8' footprint and 48" inches at the high end. I also hinge the roof as well as installing doors. The hinged roof makes for much easier access when you're 6'4". The roof latches are hidden inside.

June 17, 10:20 AM [GMT -5]

Another naive question here: why fiber cement panels for the siding rather than plywood or wood siding panels? I haven't worked with fiber cement before and have no idea of relative costs/benefits between the two. Thanks for any advice!

June 17, 10:12 AM [GMT -5]

Real curious as to why the odd height (56 15/16"; e.g. 4' 9")?
Are you saving anything cost-wise using this height? Is there any benefit other than the lighter weight of the wall panels?

October 08, 9:46 PM [GMT -5]

Question: I am going to build this shed in a few weeks. I like the cement board sides but don't like the clear roof and don't want to shingle. Would putting cement board on the roof be acceptable or is that an impractical application for cement board?

June 09, 11:23 PM [GMT -5]

I modified the plans to a slighly smaller footprint as the nook in the side of my house dictated. I used 2x3's all around & eliminated the side shelves. I used a single, clear 6mm corrugated plastic sheet purchased from a big box home center for the roof. Came out great! Solid as a rock. Bring on the Chicago winters..

January 08, 2:45 PM [GMT -5]

Built this about three years ago and made it 3 feet taller so I could walk in. I added peg boards to the insides of the doors for hanging tools, etc and added a few hooks to the roof joists. It's one sturdy shed and took me a weekend to build and another day to paint. I'm gonna build the smaller version as a toy/bike shed for my three kids.

December 06, 8:30 AM [GMT -5]

Built this shed 3' by 5'. Used some scrap plywood for floor and used treated lumber for floor, door framing, and all trim. Used extra paint I had for my house as well. Used the cheap Masonite siding sheets but primed and painted all edges. I shingled roof instead of the clear roofing panels. Due to the small size of double doors, I ripped 1x4's to use for door trim, less expensive too! Built entire project for less than $150.

May 29, 10:07 AM [GMT -5]

Good project. Built it 16" taller and it looks great. Use 1-1/4" screws on the door for much easier assembly and better finish. With a buddy it took just under 2 days.

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