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September 02, 4:52 PM [GMT -5]

Thank you for ML and the drawings but where is the article?

March 25, 6:50 PM [GMT -5]

Not sure what they used exactly, but I would use a semi transparent stain like Cabots for the first coat. This will give a desirable "rustic" look, but is also protecting the cedar from warping and splitting, and creates a great surface if you decide to switch to a latex stain in the future.

I prefer semi transparent oil for the first coat because it penetrates into the wood, although it is a little messy to work with and will have to be restrained in about two years. At that time you could switch to a semi-solid stain, or if you wanted to make it easier ( or if you have mold issues) you could easily switch to a semi-solid latex stain at this point.

Hope this helps.

February 06, 9:52 AM [GMT -5]

This would make a great hunting cabin. Build fold-down cots hanging from the walls. A really small wood or propane stove for heat and cooking. Roll the ATVs in the sliding door.

September 05, 6:25 PM [GMT -5]

Would like to use the sliding barn door in many different places. What was the source of the hardware for this item?

August 13, 5:33 PM [GMT -5]

Maybe I missed this. What s the total cost of materials for this shed?

July 26, 2:09 AM [GMT -5]

I like the design, post and beam..my wife and I are building our cabin ( 48 x 28 ) on a remote piece of property and am tweaking our porch plans to adapt the same style..just larger ( 10 x 28 ) and 17 ft to the peak. I am thrilled this came out just in time,,
Thank you
North Pole, AK

July 20, 7:45 PM [GMT -5]

I'm curious to know what the paint, and finish is on the siding. The "red" is stunning! The "yellow" looks like a wash of some kind. Do you have any color numbers? And what stain was used on the trim and posts?

June 26, 6:54 PM [GMT -5]

Love the detailed materials list!

June 24, 11:10 AM [GMT -5]

Looks great but I would convert the porch to a greenhouse.

June 21, 5:05 PM [GMT -5]

This was a great article, but the green rocking chairs are even better. Is there a guide to building those chairs available somewhere?

June 10, 4:11 PM [GMT -5]

What are the colors shown on this shed? Presumably they are Sherwin-Williams colors.

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How to Build a Shed With a Front Porch

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