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How to Build a Shed: 2011 Garden Shed

Below, in Additional Information, is the Materials List and Construction Drawings for the Garden Shed, July/August 2011. These are pdf files that you can download and print.

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How to Build a Shed: 2011 Garden Shed

Below, in Additional Information, is the Materials List and Construction Drawings for the Garden Shed, July/August 2011. These are pdf files that you can download and print.

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July 06, 2:30 PM [GMT -5]

Has anyone modified these plans for a 12x10 shed? I'm trying to do this myself but the proportions don't work out very well on the smaller size and i'm looking for some help.

June 27, 11:31 AM [GMT -5]

What is the Shingle trim cut from? Not in material list. Is this aluminum Shingle starter strips

June 03, 9:34 PM [GMT -5]


Yes it is sheeted twice and the osb is needed for corner strength. You might be able to use diagonal braces in lieu of the osb board. If you want to eliminate the osb another option is T-11 siding.

May 31, 9:26 PM [GMT -5]

Should read 192 sf

May 23, 8:14 PM [GMT -5]

material list is for 16' x 12' shed or $192 SF

May 23, 8:05 PM [GMT -5]

I have priced most of it at Home Depot and here is my budgets
2" x 6" Pressure Treated Foundation on CMU Deck Piers $375
Wall and Roof Framing $875
Felt and Shingles $500
Hardy Plank Siding and Wood Trim $1500
Windows $500
Hardware & Misc $250
Total $4000 and this is using wood trim instead of PVC trim
buying Gift Cards @ cardpool 7% discount and using a 10% coupon = $3300+tax

March 06, 3:29 PM [GMT -5]

ROUGHLY... How much should one anticipate the materials for this shed adding up to? Also- this looks like a project that would take a couple months if you're able to only work 3 weekends total out of the month on it. Any tips? Suggestions?

March 06, 12:02 PM [GMT -5]

What's the size of the shed that the material list is for? Thanks

January 10, 11:51 PM [GMT -5]

Does anyone have step by step instructions for this shed? Never built a shed before but I'm not clueless either. Love to see some pictures of the inside too if anyone has some.


November 27, 10:45 AM [GMT -5]

Can somebody share the total expense that you have invested in completing this project and also what size of shed you built? I am thinking about making a few tweaks to the design (smaller) so I don't need a building permit. The max size I could go is a 10 x 12 or 120 sq. ft.. But I am thinking a 8x15 will be more proportional to the original design. Thoughts? Thanks.

November 14, 10:00 PM [GMT -5]

for the love of god were do you buy the windows or find them!!!!!

October 20, 5:26 PM [GMT -5]

Can anyone who has completed this shed give advice on construction of the doors? I think I understand the sandwich effect of the 1x4 framing the cement board and attaching that to the 1x6, effectively making the cement board an insert into a beefed up frame. However, what sort of fasteners/nails/screws/glue are best in this case. Also, since I've already put the siding upon the front wall before attaching the rail for the doors, is it possible to continue or should I remove the siding and attach the rail directly to the OSB? I'm facing a seasonal deadline here in Utah and need to get this finished before the snow flies. Any advice out there would be very much appreciated.

September 23, 10:33 AM [GMT -5]

Doityerself....I FINALLY put the rail up this weekend.....the sticker from the rail had the following info: 5116, Plain Box Rail, Galvanized finish, N105-270, 12', SWL 450lb.
I mounted the rail to a 2x4 that I ripped to 2 3/4", I attached to the wall with the 2 3/4" sticking out horizontal with 5" x 5/16" galv lag screws (8) and be sure you counterbore and pre drill clearance holes in this piece, you don't want it splitting.....then put up siding around the track...I mounted the track to the 2x2 3/4 board with 5/16 x 1" lag screws & washers from underneath with the help of a couple clamps....that is tough by yourself!!
I hope this helps!! Gotta go finish the second door....only get to work weekends and a couple hours per night now that school started!!

September 21, 10:15 PM [GMT -5]

Vince, hope your still checking comments. I was wondering how to nail shingles and suffit under the dormer roof. Section between the main roof and domer roof. Looks tight for a hammer. Thanks

August 30, 9:52 PM [GMT -5]

Shopteacher2... THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU. Much appreciated. It has been a challenge finding all the product.s listed I will definitely look into this Stanley hardware. I wish I lived in Indiana. Unfortunately, I am in California but am sure I can get it on line or at my local hardware dealer. Thanks again. Please do let me know how it worked. If you can give me the product number that would be great. Did you figure out what size truss screws are needed?

August 30, 6:05 PM [GMT -5]

I went and found a track for the door...it's a Stanley/National brand, 12 foot galvanized without any brackets. I am going to install it this weekend and will let you know how it goes! One more thing, found it at Carter Lumber in Indiana and it was only $39.

August 30, 11:27 AM [GMT -5]

Doityerself.....I too, am in search of track for the door. I bought one manf. by Midwest products, but cannot mount it under the overhang. I am trying to find one today made by Stanley...I'll let you know what I find out. I looked for Johnson track, and could only find closet door hardware.

August 29, 2:28 PM [GMT -5]

One more question: When calling Johnson about the sliding door hardware a representative of the company was surprised that their product was being used on this shed. The representative indicated that their hardward was not meant for outside use and was an indoor product. He stated the hardward would last a little while but would eventually pit and rust. Does anyone have another type of hardward they used on the doors. The representative recommended a galvanized product.

August 29, 2:22 PM [GMT -5]

This question has been asked 3 - 4 times and I don't see a response from anyone. Does anyone know the color scheme (pain color and brand) for the shed as pictured on the cover? Also, does anyone know the brand and name (color) of the shingles used as pictured on the cover?

August 20, 4:33 PM [GMT -5]

Is this shed basically being sheathed twice? Once with OSB and an overlayments of 4'x8' fiber cement board? Can't the OSB be eliminated for cost savings? What about using ONLY CDO instead of the OSB/fiber combo since it has a nice smooth finish and an exterior rating?

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How to Build a Shed: 2011 Garden Shed

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