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DIY Floating Shelves


These shelves appear to float against the wall with no visible supports.

DIY Hiding Place From Old Books


Build this cool hiding place to hide your treasures in plain sight!

DIY Picture Frame With Mitered Corners


Watch this video and learn how to make picture frames with eight flawless mitered corners in less than an hour!

How to Make a DIY Spray Paint Booth


This homemade paint booth is easy to build, inexpensive and versatile.

How to Trim Out a Window


You don't have to be a professional carpenter to trim out a window with perfect miters on every corner. Watch, learn and add trimming a window to your list of DIY skills.

10 Kitchen Cabinet Storage Ideas & Upgrades to Try


Discover 10 clever, simple and inexpensive kitchen cabinet add-ons and storage solutions you can use to transform standard kitchen cabinets.

How to Cut Plywood


The Family Handyman DIY expert, Spike Carlsen, will show you how to cut construction grade plywood and finish grade plywood with a circular saw.

How to Make a DIY Spice Rack


The Family Handyman editor, Elisa Bernick shows you a new use for a curtain rod.

How to Install a Toilet


Installing your own toilet is a simple DIY project that will save you up to $200 in plumber’s fees. Les Zell, a master plumber, walks you step by step through the process. You’ll learn everything you need to know for a leak-free toilet installation which you can easily do in about an hour.