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March 01, 5:21 PM [GMT -5]

Sounds straight forward enough. I got a leak that's been a mystery. Can see exactly where it's leaking into the attic - looks like around a nail coming through, and from there it's dripping down an angled rafter.Have patched 20 square feet just above it - still leaks. Another I spent a whole day patching every inch of the roof, even laid down tarps to cover the whole roof - still leaked. Laid another layer of tarp to cover the whole roof again - still leaks.

June 13, 1:05 PM [GMT -5]

These are all great ideas but I think an important (first) step would be to call your home owners insurance.

April 21, 11:37 PM [GMT -5]

Thank you so much for your Help.

September 06, 6:24 AM [GMT -5]

For finding leaks just make an inspection of your living place or where you want to find damages. For fixing the roof leaks use a mixture of cement, sand and water. The previous one is a great article and keep sharing.

jacksonville emergency roof damage repair - http://www.emergencycleaningservicejacksonville.com/


June 03, 11:13 PM [GMT -5]

This was a great article but it didn't make any reference to skylight repairs?? My roof has been leaking for about 6yrs. or longer. Not only am I tired of the XL cat litter pan(to catch the water but I'm concerned about the Mold/Mildew issue. My limited knowledge of leaks, tells me that it very well may NOT be the skylights. I've been in the attic 5 times(0ver the yrs.) and I couldn't see where its leaking. I'm 64 & on Social Sec.and I've been "taken" by more Contractors, than I'd like to admit. So, I try to fix things myself. I did save the article on "Making a Skylight Leakproof" but that's starting from new. Thanks for listening to me, Susan Williams

December 21, 6:07 PM [GMT -5]

Good, thorough treatment of a common problem

Only thing I would add is to forbid the use of SILICONE caulk as a repair material. Many people think silicone somehow is better than "regular" caulk.. In fact, it may last almost forever, but it usually fails to stick for longer than a year in adverse conditions,thus it conceals future problems without fixing anything

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Roof Repair: How to Find and Fix Roof Leaks

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