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July 23, 6:24 PM [GMT -5]

I own a roofing company and take your statement as an attempt to grossly mislead your readers. The shingles I install are LIFETIME, with a non-pro rated warranty. That means it is the last roof you ever have to buy, at one third the cost. There are other issues with metal roofs you have not explored. If there is a fire in the attic, fire fighters can't chop through easily with an axe. They must use a cutting saw. They can't stand on the roof, which is wet from the fire hoses.
You need to install avalanche protection, or risk being killed by a sheet of ice sliding off the roof when you slam the door.
There are many issues with roofing as a DIY project. I have been called countless times to repair items done poorly or not at all. Do you know how many vents to install? Proper venting is the key to shingle life and lower cooling costs, not reflective shingles. Do you have an exhaust fan in the bathroom? Is it vented through the roof? Does it have insulated pipe? Is there mould involved? The best time to deal with attic mould is when you have the shingles off. Otherwise, all of the work has to be done with the mould environment open to the living space, and that can create major issues.
Roofing can be done by anyone, just like driving a race car. You may finish, but you didn't win, and you may crash.

July 23, 5:04 PM [GMT -5]

These shingles, while nice looking are not that much different than Zappone Brand which has been made and sold in Spokane, WA for about sixty years. They are mostly made in aluminum but also in solid copper for special applications.


July 23, 1:56 PM [GMT -5]

How does one find out about light-colored metal roofing-shingle panels?

Who says that black roofing-shingle panels will last for as long a time as you say?
The coloring, alone, is subject to disintegrate, and expose the metal shingles to oxidation---and, if the metal is not the kind that rusts, there will at least be a color change--- which might be tolerable.

When answering the above, please include a less convoluted contact means.

July 23, 12:41 PM [GMT -5]

We had a metal roof installed on our home last summer (2011). The asphalt shingles and old roof felt were removed prior to the installation of a new felt product and then the shingles. Our roof pitch is 7/12. Even though I am an avid DIYer....this is NOT a project that I would personally attempt to do. Yes, it was very expensive but we are satisfied with our decision. We have seen significant lower electric use (air conditioning) since the metal shingles reflect much more of the suns rays and our asphalt shingles were black which only made it worse. Should be the last time we have to shingle this house.

July 23, 8:40 AM [GMT -5]

My experience varies somewhat from yours. It seems roofing suppliers around here (NE Pennsylvania) are:
1) Few and far between
2) Mostly interested in asphalt shingles
3) Nopt anxious to sell to DIY'ers

Exactly where in NE PA can I find one of these suppliers???

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