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May 11, 5:49 PM [GMT -5]


January 15, 9:15 AM [GMT -5]

My wife and I have been looking at large Cupolas for two years. I've just realized I don't want to spend over two grand for the two large ones. I just bought a table-top saw and have some experence working with wood. I am looking forward to this project to be completed in Naples, Florida. I will let you know how it goes. Mark S.

April 21, 10:21 AM [GMT -5]

I would like to know how to make the saddle box slightly sloped, and how to make th top of the roof able to receive a weathervane rod.

March 13, 4:50 PM [GMT -5]

The 9x14 pc of flashing for the witches cap doesnt say how to fold it can you help

February 21, 8:39 PM [GMT -5]

I needed a wood shed and wanted a cupola. I found both the shed and cupola packaged kit at http://www.shedsforlessdirect.com/ at a reasonable price. Good luck guys!

November 10, 1:49 PM [GMT -5]

It would be a good idea to add some screen on the inside of the vents to keep wasp's from making a home out of your cupola, or getting into your attic space.

September 16, 10:03 AM [GMT -5]

Great step-by-step plans. Modified the Cupola to fit the roof over my deck. Also finished the "How to Build a Pergola" plan to fit the roof. Both were fun projects.

September 07, 10:32 AM [GMT -5]

It was a great how-to description. The one thing I added was I wrapped 4" white aluminum around the edge of the roof before I shingled it. These were bent (90) and seamed facia pieces I had leftover from my barn work. I used a hand bending tool to change the angle from 90 to about 130 degrees. This gave a nice finished look to the roof, and the 3/4" facia gave it a added touch.


August 07, 11:46 AM [GMT -5]

Would someone be able to give the dimensions on this cupola? Thanks!

July 09, 1:00 PM [GMT -5]

Almost done with this project. A great plan! You can read some of my experience at http://pappyswoodshop.blogspot.com. I would recommend this plan to anyone.

July 02, 5:32 AM [GMT -5]

several years ago we had to put a cupola on the barn. However, it had a hip roof, and was extremely difficult to make attractive especially the BASE. Can someone advice how to build a nice hip roof base for a cupola? Thanks, email me

June 23, 12:35 PM [GMT -5]

You can also get cupolas at http://www.storageshedsoutlet.com

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How to Build a Cupola

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