Plumbing Valves

Learn how to fix leaks, silence noisy valves, and install all types of plumbing valves, from shut-off to supply valves.

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  • Plumbing Valve Basics

  • Get a close-up, cutaway view of a stop valve, gate valve and ball valve, along with detailed explanations of how they work and advantages and…

  • Silence a Noisy Check Valve

  • Sump pumps and sewage ejector pumps rely on check valves to stop backflow, but they can be noisy when they slam close. Quieter alternatives are…

  • Install a Valve for an Icemaker

  • Don't use a saddle tee valve for an icemaker or water filter supply line. A tee with a shutoff is much more reliable, and easy to install.

  • How to Replace a Shutoff Valve

  • You can replace a leaky or stuck shutoff valve in an hour, so replace the bad one under the sink or behind the toilet before it gets worse.…

  • Fix a Leaky Shut Off Valve

  • Shutoff valve leaks are usually caused by loose packing nuts. A slight turn of a wrench often stops the leak.

  • How to Fix a Leaking Shutoff Valve

  • This quick DIY fix for a leaky water shutoff valve is something even a novice can handle. Follow our how-to steps and photos for complete…

  • Fixing a Water-Shutoff Valve Leak

  • Don't panic if you get a little leak when opening or closing a water shutoff valve under a sink or toilet or in your basement. You can usually…

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