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September 18, 1:24 PM [GMT -5]

Replacing the fill valve wasn't too much of a problem except for one thing.
The old lock nut on the bottom of the tank would not budge when trying to loosen it. A person at a local hardware store suggested lightly tapping it with a screwdriver and hammer. 10 minutes of that yielded no results. I then tried a small hacksaw and cut on an upward angle most of the way through the lock nut. A couple of light taps with the screwdriver in the cut caused the nut to split open. Only minutes to finish the job after that. [I forgot I owned a Dremel tool and could have ground down the lock nut in no time!]

November 08, 9:10 PM [GMT -5]

Since you said that when lifting the float up quiets or stops the hissing, then it has to be in the fill valve. Do you have the fill valve that has the big ball float on a long arm? Or do you have the fill valve that has a plastic float that rides up and down the fill valve? In either case, there probably is screws on top of the fill valve, or the other kind has a cap on top which you squeeze and turn to get it off. There could be a bad seal, or some sediment not allowing it to seal good.

February 13, 1:23 AM [GMT -5]

I am detecting some wetness at the bottom of the tank, around the valve, though it doesn't seem to be dripping. I want to make sure there's no leak there... what's the best course of action?

June 22, 11:26 AM [GMT -5]

I took these steps on an old toilet in our house that was difficult to flush (you really had to push down hard on the arm). We couldn't replace the toilet outright because it's a perfect match (light tan) to the sink that's right next to it. Modern colors don't seem to make so we're stuck with it. After replacing the innards, the toilet is like new.

In the future, I might upgrade to the two stage flushing system (either liquids or liquid & solids) to reduce the amount of water used per flush. But at this point, since I'm on a well it's not a priority.

June 03, 12:03 AM [GMT -5]

Excellent pictures and images.

May 20, 8:51 PM [GMT -5]

This is very informative....would give this a full thumbs up.

I have a question though.

I have this issue wherein there is a hissing sound on the refill valve once after the toilet bowl is flushed. Once water is filled, it would take 15 minutes before it dies down. I could not bend the plastic arm of the floating ball as this is ribbed and is hard that it may break. Further to that, there is no leak detected on the tank, as well as on the flapper/flush valve and the overflow pipe as the water level is 1IN below the top.

I countinued various tries - I flushed the toilet after water valve is turned off. Turned it on and adjusted the pressure, and still hissing sound is present. I then adjusted the floating ball almost positioning it at the end of the threaded portion, and still hissing sound could be heard. I as well replaced the floating ball, to no avail.

All in all with all these tries and experiments, it still takes 15 minutes for the hissing sound to disapper. I can tell that it does come from the refill valve because if you tap its end or somehow lift the floating ball, the hissing sounds stops immediately.

Is this normal? Hope to hear from you soon. Thanks!

Is this normal? Or should I just replace the entire refill valve.

April 28, 4:04 AM [GMT -5]

Thanks! This is going to save me all sorts of money.

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Parts of a Toilet

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