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September 14, 10:28 AM [GMT -5]

I bought a new toilet and have put down three wax seal rings three different times and I cannot get the toilet to stop leaking. I find there is water around the edge of the toilet and sometimes it leaks into the bathroom downstairs but mostly around the toilet edge.My next step is to get a plumber unless someone has a suggestion. I have been using the wax seal with a black ring that slips into the toilet flange. Anyone have any suggestions?

October 24, 10:20 PM [GMT -5]

Make life easy, get some LiquiLock at Home Depot. It solidifies the toilet water so you can remove it without water spilling all over. Its a great product!

August 03, 12:47 AM [GMT -5]

This article emphasized plastic pipe repair, but I have a cast iron pipe and metal flange in good shape that sits slightly more than ¼ inch below the surface of a vinyl sheet floor. How do you attach a flange extension to a cast iron pipe with a metal flange?

August 17, 5:06 PM [GMT -5]

Professional plumbers usualy wet set their toilets on tile floors. That requires setting the toilet ina bed of plaster of paris. only on rare occasions does the toilet need to be shimmed. If the toilet is set on a vinyl floor or some other stuffthat is flexible , then you must caulk around theedges as described in this article

August 16, 1:32 PM [GMT -5]

I actually did this without the benefit of this article...I'm very glad to know I accomplished it correctly. But, had I needed the advice beyond the hunt and guess work that I did... this is very useful and makes the job a breeze.

I've saved it for the future since I know my 60 year old brain will need the lessons later. Thanks.

August 14, 7:56 PM [GMT -5]

This is an excellent article. It supplements the one appearing in the Family Handyman. I have done this job in the past, but I wanted to review how it is done. The toilet that I must repair is on a concrete floor and it is rocking. Thanks!

June 21, 7:22 PM [GMT -5]

I put some ceramic tile in my guest bath recently. The flange was too low once the tile and durock was down. I bought a kit that had a 1/4" and a 1/2" extender for the flange. I used the 1/2" and that put it about 1/16th above my tile. Just remember to install your closet bolts before you screw the extender into place.
I have had to pull several toilets in the past, and a handy thing to have to keep the floor as dry as possible is a shop vac. I always flush as much water down and then suck the water out of the bowl with my shop vac. It saves some time and a few of my wife's good towels.

April 27, 4:16 PM [GMT -5]

Two types of projects I don't like to mess with...Plumbing and Electrical. But this does look pretty easy and there is some dampness around my toilet. Anyone do this project? Send me a message if you have.

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How to Repair a Leaking Toilet

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