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July 27, 2:31 AM [GMT -5]

Pretty good article. Unfortunately, it didn't go far enough.

In our situation, the base of the spout (single handle faucet) is terribly loose. There are no leaks of any sort. I've tried tightening the screws underneath the counter and they're tight.

I am not sure what is going on. There is no info on the internet about this specific issue either which makes it terribly frustrating.

February 23, 8:48 PM [GMT -5]

Thank you! I fixed a spout leak on a Moen 1225 cartridge-style faucet following these great instructions. I ended up having to take a trip to buy a hex screwdriver before I could even get inside to see what type of replacement cartridge but aside from that it went smoothly.

January 07, 12:53 PM [GMT -5]

How about two handle kitchen sink faucet repair. Drips from the faucet.

November 08, 4:47 PM [GMT -5]

Bought the parts for $4.32 (that included parts for a future repair if needed). Spent less than 20 minutes total! Read the entire article once through. Looked at all the pics one time before getting parts and reviewed pics as I went through the repair. Per "frustrated" (May 24) the "cap" didn't magically slide out but it did come out rather easy with the help of a flat head screw driver! Roto-Rooter had come to repair the same drip a few months ago and swore to me that it could only be warrantied for 10 days because delta products "don't last like they used to". So when the drip came back in just a few weeks we just lived with it. But after checking out your article and talking to the local contractor plumbing supply company I feel confident in my repair and just really want to thank you for an excellent DIY article!

March 09, 10:36 AM [GMT -5]

As grodney stated, most faucet fixture companies offer lifetime warrantees on their products. Check your paperwork, call the 800 number and they will help you diagnose what parts you need and mail them to you under their warrantee!
Double savings ... DIY and you don't need to buy repair parts! Nicely done article!

March 03, 1:22 AM [GMT -5]

These instructions are great! The photos are especially helpful.

I replaced my faucet's cartridge, but now the water comes out slowly. Did I do something wrong?

January 15, 3:38 PM [GMT -5]

Great instructions, very detailed. A few notes:

1. Pay close attention to the placement of the ball, specifically the "key" on the side of the ball (the verticle line). Ensure this is lined up against the stem inside of the assembly.

2. The Plastic Cam (white thing) has a small stem on one side, ensure this goes into the groove on the assembly.

3. The ring adjuster on the Cap Assembly is used to tighten/loosen how the faucet handle levers. Thus if you install it and the handle is extremely tight, simply loosen the adjuster on the Cap Assembly.

January 10, 8:07 AM [GMT -5]

Never done a bit of plumbing in my life and I EASILY fixed my leaky faucet in just a few minutes thanks to this article. Love the step by step pics. Helped a lot. Thanks for the great advice and saving me money. I'll be back for future repair needs :-)

December 09, 4:28 PM [GMT -5]

My 5 year old Moen lav faucet was dripping. Using these instructions I very easily stripped the faucet down to a point where I felt the cartridge should slip out. The instructions said to be prepared to pull hard or user a "puller". I pulled what I thought was "hard", but couldn't get it out. I took the whole faucet off and went to the supply house. I asked the sales guy if he had or sold "pullers". He said, "don't need one". He then grasped the brass end of the cartridge with some channel locks and jerked it out. A replacement was $24 with tax. He then told me that the part should be under a lifetime waranty and that I could probably get a new one from Moen by just calling them and asking. In the end, the hot and cold were reversed, but he explained that I could just pull out the cartridge again and insert with a180 degrees turn. I think I will just live with it or reverse the supply lines. He also told me that I could buy a puller for $40 or rent for $8 "next time". This has been my most pleasant plumbing repair experience to date. I can hardly wait for the chance to demonstrate this on a frined's faucet in front of him and his wife. :-)

August 08, 4:25 PM [GMT -5]

The instructions were perfect. I had to replace the cartridge on a MOEN faucet and this site explained everything perfectly. Great job and thanks!

May 24, 4:37 PM [GMT -5]

ball faucet leaking badly around base

still trying. The diagram gave me the illusion I could do the job. got to remove cap, and after buying a larger wrench, revealed a round plastic thingy which I have to remove to remove the ball. all you say is " remove the cap. then remove the ball." there is SOMETHING IN THE WAY which is in there very tight. no apparent screwlike thing to manipulate.

I will keep trying for a few more days, and if the wasted time gets too much will spring for a plumber for $100+t & m.

So far I have not much to thank you for. As the rolling stones put it, "useless information."

April 30, 3:25 AM [GMT -5]

I will give it rating 5 !!

April 30, 3:24 AM [GMT -5]

Nice project !!

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How to Repair a Kitchen Faucet

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