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July 03, 3:00 PM [GMT -5]

Who needs a husband with Family Handyman? Worked like a charm. So easy with very clear pictures of how to loosen nut to release pivot ball.

December 18, 1:38 PM [GMT -5]

Having come from a family of plumbers (the family business has been operational for more than 100 years!), I can say this is a pretty good article for the average DIYer. The chemical solutions, as stated elsewhere, should never be used: they are dangerous!

One trick with plunging is to coat the lip of the bell plunger with some vaseline. It creates an instant seal for far better results.

October 19, 10:23 AM [GMT -5]

Be weary of step 5. Using any chemical to remove clogs can be counterproductive. Sure it may remove the clog but at what cost? Those chemicals are corrosive and can eat through your pipes, not to mention the added strain it is to the environment and your local water system. If you can't remove the clog after exhausting all other options, call a licensed plumber.

September 23, 5:40 PM [GMT -5]

Steps 1 and 2 worked like a charm! There's nothing like having my bathroom sink back in action! Thanks a mil!

August 16, 3:49 PM [GMT -5]

I have a kitchen drain that the water goes down to basement sink but fills that sink up. My husband says it needs pipes to be taking apart to un clog but he never gets to it and its been over a year like this ?
I want to do it but not sure where to start ?
In dire need ...................Hope

June 30, 9:12 AM [GMT -5]

Very helpful. The diagrams are extra helpful. Thank you.


April 29, 8:20 AM [GMT -5]

Good one.

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How to Clear Clogged Drains

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