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How to Get Rid of Bugs

Wait! Don't step on that ant! Stomping on every ant you see in your kitchen won't solve your insect problem. And that ant scurrying across your floor might be the key to wiping out an entire ant colony. Check out these 10 expert tips for ridding your house of ants and other insects.

Disrupt the ant trail

Determine best bait

Set out ant traps

Locate nests in water damaged areas

Spray insecticide along common routes

Spray exterior entry points

Locate nests in nooks and crannies

Treat lawn the day after mowing

Use spreader to apply fire ant bait

Eliminate entry bridges

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June 20, 12:44 PM [GMT -5]

A quick and effective way to eliminate ants is to mix one part Borax, nineteen parts icing sugar and enough water (just a little) to make a slurry paste. Put some on ant trails and nest entrances. I find putting it on flat rocks etc. keeps it from soaking into the soil. You could also put some inside the home where they congregate and is safe around pets and children. The ants quickly have a feeding frenzy and the next day 90 some % are gone.

June 15, 8:15 AM [GMT -5]

A good article, except for one thing. Why the the posting on "spraying the lawn after mowing"? I want my lawn to be alive, not dead. There should be bugs in/on the ground. Having a sterile lawn does no good. Spraying pesticide kills bugs,, worms and anything that feeds on them. Do yourself a favor and pass on the spraying pesticides on your lawn.
If you are having a bad ant problem, check on why they are coming into the house. Most of the time there is a food source available for them. Get rid of the food source, in our case it was spilled dry dog food, clean up the food source and then treat with a pesticide. But be CAREFUL spaying ANYTHING inside the house, especially with kids and dogs, the stuff may sound OK, but it is still POISON!

June 13, 7:18 PM [GMT -5]

Another way to get rid of ants in your home is to mix sugar and Borax soap powder in a 50-50 mixture. sprinkle this mixture under the stove, in the back of floor level cabinets, behind the fridge. If you have pets make sure that you put it in places that they cannot come in contact with it. I used this and the ants were gone in about 2-3 days and that was over a year ago. update mixtured spots every 6 months to keep it fresh

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How to Get Rid of Bugs

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