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August 07, 8:41 AM [GMT -5]

Man I love your site! As a girl, it's go great to see there are handymen who help everyone not only come up with ideas, but also explain them so detailed. Trust me, I need all the help I can get. I can on your site to help with a painting project I had, but browsed around at so much more that I'm glad I know now. It's also a great money saver. After freaking out last night when I saw a rat in the garage, I'm glad I (unknowingly) came across this article. It is definitely book marked now! Thanks again, Tiffany.

June 17, 3:40 PM [GMT -5]

In the state of North Carolina it is illegal to have in your possesion any wild animal without a depredation permit. Also in NC it is illegal to re-release a "Fur" bearing animal of any kind unless it is released on the property of which it was caught.
As for keeping pest from eating your plants. At night or just before sundown I use Dish soap (1tbs) to 1 Gal of water. Just ask yourself did you like getting your mouth washed out with soap? I spray top and underside of the leaves. Rabbits don't like soap nor do deer and I don't think squirrels do as well. I have killed plenty of insects with just soap and water as well.
As for birds and raccoons/oppossums DO NOT leave any pet food out. Only put out what an animal will eat in one session. Leave nothing outside overnight. It is bait for Oppossum/fox/raccoon and even a bear from time to time.


June 17, 9:06 AM [GMT -5]

What's the best way to keep pigeons out of the barn besides keeping the doors closed?

May 29, 12:19 PM [GMT -5]

How do I keep starlings away? They are such a problem. They are always eating the food I put out for my dog and cat and are relentless. They scare away the hummingbirds and all the other desirable birds we love that nest in the tree in my back yard.

March 21, 1:12 PM [GMT -5]


You have two options when it comes to squirrel pest control. you can either try trapping the squirrels that are bothering your garden or try repelling them with rodent repellent like deTour


July 01, 9:49 AM [GMT -5]

How do you stop squirrels from eating your tomatoes?

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