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September 03, 2:10 PM [GMT -5]

I am making my own stained glued-up pine Kitchen counter -tops for a non-winterized summer cottage. I was planning to use a latex Polyurthane semi-gloss finish. My neighbor cottage owner said that I should NOT use Polyurthane in my uninsulated and unheated cottage as it will bubble after 3-4 years. My Polycrylic instruction say use "indoors"
I am OK with switching to Marine grade spar varnish but not happily. Questions;
1) Is my neighbor right?
2) Are there any brands or types of water based. varhishes that can be used in non-
insulated summer cottages? and
3) Are varnishes latex or oil based "Food Grade".?

August 05, 8:54 PM [GMT -5]

Good to know info.

January 21, 12:57 PM [GMT -5]

After my final coat dries, I lightly rub the surface with fine steel wool, clean it with a tack cloth, then rub on a thin coat of finishing wax.

If I am trying for a flawless high gloss, after the steel wool, I buff the finish with a fine polish. I use a buffer for large flat surfaces and do the small areas by hand.


January 12, 3:14 AM [GMT -5]

Real good tips and advice!


January 12, 3:00 AM [GMT -5]

Real good tips and advice!

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How to Get a Smooth Polyurethane Finish

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