Painting Techniques

Use these painting techniques to add creative look to your walls or finish the job faster.

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  • Paint Roller Techniques and Tips

  • These DIY painting tips will help you roll your walls quickly and smoothly—without leaving roller marks. We'll show you the tricks and…

  • How to Paint a Room

  • A veteran painting contractor shares his secrets on how to paint a room fast, yet producing first-rate results. You can easily master these…

  • How to Sponge Paint a Wall

  • Sponge painting is a quick, simple way to make dull interior walls dramatic. With just a sponge, a can of glaze and a few paint colors you can…

  • Eliminate Paint Brush Marks

  • Eliminate brush marks by sanding and repainting or by skim coating with drywall compound and repainting. Both techniques are easy.

  • Painting Doors

  • Painting paneled doors is the ultimate painter's challenge. To make it easier, we tried different tools and paints and watched pros work. Here's…

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