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Outdoor projects, ideas and tips for your garden, landscaping, decks, patio, water features and garden structures.

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Outdoors: Featured DIY Projects

Build a Privacy Fence

This article will help you avoid major pitfalls and costly mistakes when you're planning...

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How to Dig a Hole: Pro Tips

Dig postholes faster and easier and position them more accurately using this...

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Outdoors: Other DIY Projects you may like

  • How to Plant a Maple Tree

  • Learn how to turn a skinny sapling into a healthy adult tree. With a good location, the right size hole and the right soil, even an anemic seedling can develop into a thick-limbed, leafy shade tree in just a few years.

  • How to Build a Water Garden Stream

  • Add the magic of moving water to your backyard, with a waterfall and pond. Our instructions show you how to build them using preformed shells for simplicity.

  • Gas Grill: Propane to Natural Gas Conversion

  • Convert your propane grill to natural gas to make sure the fuel doesn’t run out. We show you how to use a special conversion kit. You’ll also have to run a new gas line.

  • Mulch Guide

  • Mulch is good for your plants and a great labor saver. It reduces evaporation, slows weed growth, improves soil quality, and makes your gardens look more attractive. And more, it's inexpensive and easy to apply.

  • How to Build a Wooden Boardwalk

  • A wooden walkway makes an attractive and inexpensive garden path, is simpler and less backbreaking to make than a stone or concrete path, and works well in sloping or wet areas.

  • Flashing a Deck Ledger Board on Vinyl Siding

  • Attaching a deck ledger board to a vinyl-sided house requires a few extra trim pieces to keep water from leaking behind the siding. Here's a rundown of the materials and procedure.

  • How to Build a Pergola

  • Build a vine-covered pergola in your backyard to shade a stone patio or wood deck using wood beams and lattice set on precast, classical-style columns.  The dappled sunlight created by the overhead latticework creates a cool, relaxing ...Read more»

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