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Outdoor projects, ideas and tips for your garden, landscaping, decks, patio, water features and garden structures.

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Outdoors: Featured DIY Projects

Bush Pruning Tips for Healthier Bushes

Regularly pruning bushes and shrubs can make the difference between a...

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6 Common Lawn Problems and How to Fix Them

Try these expert and homeowner-tested solutions to common backyard...

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Outdoors: Other DIY Projects you may like

  • How to Build a Pond & Fountain in One Day

  • Build a compact, yet attractive fountain and pond using simple off-the-shelf materials for less than $200. And complete it in one day! It'll spruce up your backyard.

  • Construct a Custom Fence and Gate

  • This article tells how to build a durable, good-looking fence, from start to finish. We designed it to be strong, using sandwich construction, and yet easy to assemble. It looks good on both sides, so that it'll complement your...Read more»

  • How to Renew Wooden Fences

  • Make a gray, sagging wood fence look new again. With a few simple repairs, a thorough wash with a power washer, and a nourishing coat of oil stain your fence will look almost like it did the day it was built.

  • Cures for a Patchy Lawn

  • Fall is a great time to thicken up patchy areas of your lawn, so you'll have thick, healthy grass in the spring. Start by aerating compacted soil, then spread seed and topsoil.

  • Making Deck Posts

  • Learn the simple deck-building skills of making square cuts, cutting notches and shaping deck posts to make your deck stronger and more attractive.

  • Build a Stone Patio or Brick Patio

  • Add a welcoming feature to your backyard with this attractive, long-lasting brick and stone patio. Our design easily adapts to fit your yard. Choose from a wide variety of stone types and brick styles. The result will be...Read more»

  • How to Determine Propane Tank Levels

  • Tired of running out of propane in the middle of a barbecue? Learn a simple method for estimating how much propane is left in your grill and how long it will last.

  • How to Get Rid of Crabgrass

  • Crabgrass is a tough opponent, but with a lawn spreader, a pump sprayer and a few turf products you can get rid of crabgrass in the spring and control it throughout the summer.

  • Planning a Backyard Path: Gravel Paths

  • A garden path enhances any backyard. Learn about design factors, limitations and installation techniques for gravel, stone, brick and pavers, along with attractive edging options.

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