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April 02, 3:03 PM [GMT -5]

I used the peel and stick tape with that red print and it transfered to the concrete. Not good. I wonder if acetone would take off the print from the tape before applying the tape?

August 27, 12:51 PM [GMT -5]

Did anyone else have trouble with the tape stickin to the edge of the table?
It seems we have an abundant amount of air bubbles. How could this have been avoided?

November 07, 4:58 PM [GMT -5]

I would go with wire mesh instead of rebar on a table top. For a project which is thicker, the rebar would be okay.

November 07, 1:28 PM [GMT -5]

I am in the process of making this table and it is looking pretty good. The one downfall I had was using rebar in the table. It rusted in the drying process and I can see where the rebar is through the top of the table. I would suggest a galvanized rod or coating the rebar first. Otherwise, awesome idea and quite a fun project so far!

October 24, 2:43 PM [GMT -5]

I didn't build this exact table, but I used these pointers for building a fireplace mantel. From another source, I found instructions for building a concrete mantel for a fireplace. Though I liked the idea, I didn't like the rough concrete look. So, I utilized many of the steps on this project to make a fireplace mantel to look like faux stone. Some pointers from this project that I wasn't entirely clear about was you don't mix up the tile grout. In the picture, it looks like two different cements were used to pour this. I initially thought that you mixed up the tile grout for the inlays of the pencil lines, then used a colored construction grout followed by construction grout with no color. That is not the case. You will only pour colored construction grout (evenly as the author describes it). When you sprinkle the dry tile grout arount the inlays and blow it with the air compressor, it will darken it considerably so when you continue pouring the rest of the construction grout, there will be a contrast between the colors.

One thing I did differently, was I used regular kitchen aluminum foil along the edges because I wanted the details of the crown molding to be seen, but still wanted it look as if it was carved from stone.

This was a fun project, and currently I am curing the mantel. I did take pictures during the project. I hope this mantel turns out as nice as the author's table. This article was a great source for this project.

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