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April 08, 9:23 AM [GMT -5]

I have just broken up my back yard patio generating about 25 cubic yards of broken up concrete, using a jack hammer that I purchased from Harbor Freight for under $500, use a 20% off coupon and its even cheaper.
Purchasing to me was better than renting as you can start or finish your project when ever plus you keep the tool and save time driving to and from the rental store.

Believe me doing this work is rough on your body and at the end of each day you hurt all over, so take your time doing this type of project.

I live in the Bay area and disposing of my concrete looked to be expensive going the convential way.
I decided to try advertising it on Craigs list and was amazed that I had people lined up waiting to take it off me for free.
All I did was wheeel barrow it to my front drive for ease of collection.
Hope this helps

April 23, 11:19 AM [GMT -5]

Electric jackhammer option: these are amazingly easy to use. If held/operated in the upright position, very little effort is required to keep it stable. Moving it or using it at an angle DOES require some effort and while the first few times of manuevering do not seem like much, by the end of the first hour or so, you will start to fatigue. If I was busting up something larger than just a very small slab, I would definitely rent this tool. Eye and ear protection are a must. In fact, I used ear plugs with ear muffs.

Use the concrete chunks: my neighbor rented the BIG jackhammer/compressor to bust up his driveway. He demolished it in such a way as to create usable chunks with which he built a retaining wall. No disposal fees and completely recycled!

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