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July 11, 1:52 PM [GMT -5]

Many thanks to Reaper & Goldengolfball for their helpful comments.

I started this weekend - got the forms put together and the concrete poured. Haven't figured out quite how to get pump & tubing put together.

In particular, what supports the toilet flange? It looks like they have, at best, a 7" outside diameter. What keeps it from falling down the hole in the middle of the column? Do I just need to keep looking for a bigger one? Am I missing something here?

June 15, 11:50 AM [GMT -5]

Did the fountain. Here's how it went:

May 06, 7:14 AM [GMT -5]

Hi, I'm in the process of building this project, but in the article there is no mention of the type of pump used. By that I mean how many gallons?

March 09, 2:59 PM [GMT -5]

I've only done one such project, using an aluminum form. I used cooking spray as a mold release agent, which is what I'll use on this project when I get to trying it. I've also seen WD40 illustrated as a mold release.

February 21, 5:16 PM [GMT -5]

for a form release you can use petroleum jelly

August 26, 3:03 PM [GMT -5]

I am building a similar project (bird bath) however I used built plywood forms. What would be a good concrete form release agent for the do it yourselfer?


June 30, 8:48 PM [GMT -5]

I plan to add this to my yard soon. I have a large three tierd fountain now and love it. To keep it clean I shop vac out the old water and add 1/2 cup of Bleach to new the water and let the hose run it over and out. Nothing grows in it and the birds love it.

June 29, 4:38 PM [GMT -5]

Hey Ya'll,
I built this project with a great great deal of problems on my first try. I would like to let all of you in an some hard learned lessons.
1. You can put all the duck tape on the column form you want but when you tamp the concrete down you will bulge the form and then you are done. I had to let it dry and bust it up to save my $30 dollars worth of foam for another try. On my second try I added 3- 1 X 3 boxes around the column form and screwed them together. This time when tamping the concrete could not bulg the form.
2. The second thing you MUST do when putting the drywall compund around the ball it MUST be tamped. My first try had hollow spots and I had to scrap it and do it again.
3. This project is very labor intensive and all the componets at Home Depot came to $157.00. My fountain is great and I plan to build another. Anything else Email me at goldengolfball@aol.com

June 24, 9:46 AM [GMT -5]

But i will soon.
I want to print out the step by step directions but I am having problems printing the entire set of instructions. When I try to print it i get only three pages to print and only the first page of what looks like the Summary page. . I even use the Select All before trying to print and I still get the same three pages. What if anything am i doing wrong?

June 22, 4:23 PM [GMT -5]

How do you stop algae from growing in the fountain?

June 22, 1:04 PM [GMT -5]

To be able to read the dimensions just click on the picture and a new, larger window will appear that is readable.



June 22, 10:38 AM [GMT -5]

I would really like to create this fountain only we are having trouble reading the dimensions for the column forms. Would you please send us the cutting dimensions of A B C D and E

Thank you,

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How to Cast Concrete Fountains

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