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Lawn Maintenance and Gardening Tips

Getting a healthy and beautiful lawn and garden isn't rocket science, but it does take time, patience and the right information. We asked our top lawn and garden experts for their best advice about how to turn your lawn and garden into a low maintenance, high-beauty paradise.

For healthy grass, adjust your soil pH

Feed shady areas less

Plant trees as if they were full grown

Healthy grass is the best weed preventer

Solve landscape problems with ground covers

The best lawn advice is locally grown

The best garden edging depends on your yard

Plants don't like rocks

Stop raking and turn leaves into mulch

Save $$ on mulch

Protect trees with mulch

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June 07, 1:17 PM [GMT -5]

The article is ok, but not great. Perhaps an explaination of the cool season grasses and the warm season grasses and the transition zone would would be appropriate. Normally, retailers will be selling Scotts products and their competitors. So in GA, I expect the seed will be tailored for GA and in PA the grass seeds are tailored to PA. Even so, the consumer needs to be told why there is a difference.

pH is certainly a consideration if you are having problems, but not usually a big deal if the site is prepared properly.

Otherwise, Roundup or a product with glyphosate will kill most green materials in any part of the country as will your standard weed not grass killer will take out the broadleaf weeds if applied at the proper time.

Having a green healthy lawn is basically easy to achieve if you enjoy the outside work. Fertilizer at the right times 4X a year, Water without over doing and mowing. I like mowing at 2-1/2 inches and then 3 inches when it gets hot. Then being sure that the mower blade is sharp. Since the lawn is healthy and lush, you must be on the alert for turf diseases as they love a healthy lawn.

I have subscribed to TFH for many years, but my education comess from Michigan State and its College of Agriculture 2 year program in golf course turf.

For TFH Only: I am Mike at Myke794@msn.com
Reno, NV

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Lawn Maintenance and Gardening Tips

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