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November 27, 9:03 PM [GMT -5]

I am pretty handy with a shovel and don't mind working but, seems like that's a lot of work and a real waste of rain water, when it could be used in a flower garden or vegetable garden. It could be contained by rain barrels and used instead of going to waste. Water may be pretty precious some day.and pretty much like gold is now.Good idea but, Looks like a whole lotta work and time spent as well as an expense.to me.


June 12, 9:15 AM [GMT -5]

Just so i understand.. this will stop the pooling and erosion caused by the run off from the roof? Rain is creating valleys in the soil along the house. If this is not the solution could you pleas advise another solution besides gutters because i don't want those.

April 09, 4:59 PM [GMT -5]

Installed a drain system with 4" flexible plastic pipe years ago to drain my yard and several neighbors. Town actually tied into the storm drain connection for us! Remember freezing my butt off and soaked (New England around Thanksgiving), with pumps straining to keep water out of trenches. Worked great when done, but kids were very dissapointed next spring when the annual ducks did not return!

September 14, 12:37 PM [GMT -5]

Why does a dry well been installed?

March 15, 4:59 PM [GMT -5]

drainage pro:

What if you don't have the option of daylighting the end of the drainage pipe? I have a yard that doesn't slope substantially in any direction and is bounded on three sides by neighbors property.

I'm guess that once I bury the pipe and slope it, it will be several feet underground. I understand the dry well will fill too fast, but what are the options? Should I look at pumping water out of the dry well and into the plumbing drains in my house?

March 13, 11:55 PM [GMT -5]

A french drain should be completed as follows. Excavate a trench either by hand or with a trencher, or small excavator. Remove and haul away all the soil. Make sure the trench has a minimum of 1% slope to daylight, a catch basin, a swale, or storm sewer (never a dry well). Install a geo-textile fabric in the trench (not a sock around the pipe), install a rigid drain tile pipe (not black flex pipe)with the holes down, install 1" washed gravel on and around pipe, install geo-textile fabric on top of gravel, and then top with 1"-2" of soil max. or sod can be placed on top of the trench. If the area you are working in is landscaped you could potentially place a decorative stone on top of the fabric instead of the soil and it would function even better.

A word of advice. Don't install a dry well. It fills up with water so fast that all the drainage lines to it will fill up and sit full of water. If there are surface drains on the system all the debris and silt will fill up in there and sooner than later the system will be no good and you will have to call in a professional to do it right.

May 15, 3:24 PM [GMT -5]

I completed a similar project and was very happy with the results. Water drained across my driveway into the grass which caused a sloshy grass area and mud. I installed a catch basin at the point where water dropped off into the grass. I then used 10' long 4: plastic pipe. I dug a trench and connected this drain line to my existing downspout line (which I had never properly completed) with a Y connector. I then ran it out 50 more feet to drain off the side of the hill.

I then backfilled properly and finally covered with sod. Now it's late spring and I am very happy with the outcome. This was an example of how a proper plan and taking my time paid off.

May 07, 12:14 PM [GMT -5]

See also "French Drain"

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