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July 19, 10:41 AM [GMT -5]

Thanks for this article. It helped me in a great deal. I had gone out for 3 weeks on vacation totally depending on my sprinkler system to water the lawn. When I came back I was in a total shock to see my lawn turn brown. I found out that my sprinkler system stopped working. I tried running it in manual mode but that did not work. Then I happened to see this website article, opened the Controller unit inside the house, opened the electrical circuit behind that, checked for fuse and found to be ok. Finally I moved the switch of 'Rain Sensor' from 'Active' to 'Bypass' and my system started working. So I concluded that the Rain Sensor stopped working due to a storm while I was away. I am glad that I did not call the Sprinkler company to spend couple of 100s on it.

May 20, 7:17 PM [GMT -5]

I had a zone that didn't work so I followed the power line to the area where the solenoids are. Strangely, they were buried under the ground and not in a box. How can I add a box around them (or must I)? We've had the sprinklers for over 15 years and this is the first time I've had to locate a solenoid.

April 15, 9:08 AM [GMT -5]

How do I control the water pressure which currently reaches the walls of the house? Can I lower the water pressure by just closing the sprinkler water main a little bit?

March 19, 6:02 PM [GMT -5]

I work on my front and back sprinkler systems every year. Something always seems to need adjustment, re-alignment or repair.

1) I usually don't have to dig a hole to replace a pop-up sprinkler head. I just unscrew he whole unit, gently pull it straight up and gently slip the new one down the hole and screw it into place.

April 22, 12:12 PM [GMT -5]

I suggest owners of lawn irrigation systems to invest in a pressure/flow meter. You need to know your operating conditions before troubleshooting a problematic system. A sprinkler head needs adequate pressure (see manufactureres specs) and proper waterflow. Also remember these parameters can change from when your system was initially installed. My solution was to clean the heads and reduce the flowrate nozzle tol all heads. The tradeoff is that you need to run your zones propotionally longer. As a side note the I20 head can be jammed into the body by stomping on the head to make another head pop up. The head will never pop up regardless of pressure and flowrate. Follow manufacturer's dissassebly to reset. Probably dont need a new head.

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Fixing Sprinkler Systems

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