Organizing Kitchens and Clearing the Clutter

Clean up your countertops with under-cabinet appliances, hidden storage and other space saving ideas.

Similar Projects

Cooking caddy for quick clear-off

Keep condiments and spices in an easy-to-carry rack to free up countertop space.

Off-the-counter microwave

Tuck the microwave under your cabinets to get it off the counter.

Under-cabinet storage racks

Store your knives in a convenient pull-down rack

Expand the counter with a kitchen cart

Give yourself extra workspace and shelves with a kitchen cart.

Concealed message center

Make grocery lists or write messages to family members on a dry-erase board that's mounted inside the cabinet.

Tidy file center

A file holder and files will keep paperwork off your counter and insure it doesn't get lost.

Decorative backsplash rack

A decorative backsplash looks great and holds utensils.

Under-cabinet entertainment center

Mount your television under the cabinets so you can watch your favorite flicks without compromising counter space.

Tucked-away coffeemaker

Have your cup of coffee every morning and still have counter space to spare.

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