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July 30, 11:45 AM [GMT -5]

On the roll out pantry cabinet, how do you access the middle and bottom shelves. It looks to me to be almost impossible to see what you have in those shelves, that's IF you are even able to put anything in there. Am I looking at this wrong?

January 10, 4:16 PM [GMT -5]

BTW - I think I may buid a Glide/Swing shelf system also...

However on this design I don't understand why the swing out shelf is made so small...? Ideally if the cupboard door is wider than the upper cabinet is deep (usually true and true for me) almost the whole space should be viable to use...

However for this the 45 degree cut out corner is shown in the wrong corner - the back left should be the 45 (reducing the critical dimension) to allow a bigger shelf to swing out. As it is the 45 degree shown serves no purpose and just loses more usable space...

In fact better still is if the Glider RHS (in this config) can be angled to match the Swing shelf LHS angle for swing out clearance allowing maximal usage of inside space. It doesn't need to be 45 degrees - in most instances much less will be enough.

In my cupbaord I believe I can use all possible space this way with only quite minimal clearance losses.


January 10, 9:25 AM [GMT -5]

I have built two of these pull down racks - one as a book rack and one as a mesage center above a kitchen desk (post-its, notepad, pens/pencils, odds & ends, pinboard). They work well and get used a lot. However the hinges shown are not the Knape Vogt ones. I have these same ones and while they are quite good - they are not as good quality or as heavy duty as the Knape Vogt ones. These seem no longer available anywhere - but they used to be available widely, I recall these were much less expensive (maybe half as much) - and were typically white - the Knape Vogt are usually matallic finish.

I wonder if there was a patent issue or similar that took these off the market - shame they seem just too expensive for what they are...


December 21, 12:49 PM [GMT -5]

The pull down hinge reference number is KVM-UCR-HINGE-N

November 20, 11:29 PM [GMT -5]

This is one of the best project

February 26, 5:03 PM [GMT -5]

You're right -- the hinges are hard to find, and they certainly aren't at the usual stores we all frequent. Do a search for Knape and Vogt under cabinet hinges. www.HardwareHut.com (800-708-6649) is one company that sells them.

October 05, 8:17 AM [GMT -5]

The fold down cookbook shelf is a nice idea but they are wrong to say that the fold down hinges are available at home centers. I cannot find them at Lowes, Home Depot, my hardware or online.
If anyone knows where they can be found, could you post that here please?

September 26, 5:01 PM [GMT -5]

Nevermind, I must've totally phased over that part. Yes you do have to trim the shelves.... going blind.

September 26, 4:59 PM [GMT -5]

So, how do you close the door on the cabinet with the spice rack? Do you have to cut a few inches off the front of the shelves?

March 01, 1:43 PM [GMT -5]

The reaon most people have no storage in their kitchen is because they have TOO MUCH STUFF! Once I cleaned out all the useless/wowrthless stuff I had (cripes, where did it all come from anyway??) my cabinets were over 50% EMPTY! The biggest offender is plasticware. Remember that rule we learned in first grade? Round things do not fit in square places. Get rid of round plasticware.

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