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July 08, 9:21 PM [GMT -5]

I have 10 year old 3/4 " birch kitchen cabinets with 3/8 " offset hinges. I would like to fill in the the recessed 3/8" on the top and sides of the cupboards and then tape on 3/4 " strips. ( I would be moving the doors out another 3/8" farther from the stiles) I would replace the offset hinges with hidden ones at the back. I would take off the varathene finish on the doors and paint them white and add 2" thin facing of a different color on the borders around the doors. Any ideas on filling in the recessed 3/8" ( maybe glue in wood strips). I would so the same with the drawers. Any ideas, thoughts or potential problems would be appreciated.

Thank you

July 23, 1:44 PM [GMT -5]

Can you paint laminate cabinets from the 1960's? If so, how. Thanks

March 07, 11:17 AM [GMT -5]

Metal cabinets replaced in 1996 with birch wood cabinets stained natural. We have a gas range and the cabinets surrounding the range are so "gunky". My attempts at cleaning them with "Goo Gone" and other household cleaners has failed. Will your suggestion of taking the doors off and cleaning with steel wool plus ?? work on these cabinets?

February 28, 3:02 PM [GMT -5]

So many homes today have white cabinets. Mine happen to be melamine. Is there a way to refurbish or change the color melamine cabinets?

February 27, 8:44 PM [GMT -5]

I used Rustoleum's Kitchen cabinet refinishing kit.
The first step after removing the cabinet doors and all hardware is to use the "deglosser" to prepare the cabinets without the fuss of stripping or sanding.
Then the bonding agent (paint) is applied in 2 coats with 2 hours drying time between each coat. I used "linen", a lovely creamy color. I did not use the stain coat as I preferred the creamy color that resulted. I finished with the finish coat to preserve my perfect job. This is not a weekend job, however. The actual time depends on how much work space you have. After deglossing, each side requires 3 ( or 4 if you use the stain) coats with 2 hours drying time between each. The end result is perfect and costs only $75 for the average kitchen. Light and dark finishes are available. Very professional outcome!

February 27, 4:51 PM [GMT -5]

Does this method work on those wood composite cabinets? Thank you!

February 27, 4:21 PM [GMT -5]

Are there every any tips on how to update stupid cabinet doors that have the fake wood lamination? The previous owners of our house painted the cabinets but didn't treat them properly so now the paint is chipping...not too happy about that. Anyway, I want to 'spruce them up' but I'm not too sure what to do, where to begin, etc.


April 27, 11:07 AM [GMT -5]

Just finished this project. Did an antique white and then went back and "distressed" them. Thanks for all the helpful tips - especially numbering or marking the cabinet doors so you know where they go!

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